Google parks a mysterious barge off of San Francisco and shares plans to prolong human existence.

Jon Stewart Looks at Floaters


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2 Responses to “Google Barges”

  1. slmasker says:

    When you see this from Canada, as I often do, it is funny, “In case you can’t give up your free healthcare and move to America you can watch The Daily Show at ….” (network place in Canada)

    Having lived in both places and loving both countries AND PAYING TAXES TO BOTH COUNTRIES every year, I would say the saner, more effective, less costly healthcare in Canada is worth a bit more than the Daily Show. (Though I would love to be able to see Jon Stewart more easily.) The US could look around and learn how other nations get better results with less money…Of course, education isn’t doing too well in the US either so learning may be more difficult. Remember, elected representatives, learning from Canada, the UK, Australia, etc. does NOT require a foreign language!!

    Seriously, the US has a lot of CAN DO strength in it and a lot of smart, hard working people. (And have been fortunate to have a new energy boom allowing some room for optimism, though worry about environmental protection.)

    We must become engaged with the political system to implement obvious, but difficult, change. Starting with getting representatives to elect that are more likely to represent us than their corporate sponsors. Maybe there should be income caps applied. The representative cannot make more than 10 times the average citizen he or she is representing…And they must spend at least 20 hours a month seeing people they actually represent and less than 20 hours a month seeing lobbyists and corporate donors. Lots of “should be easy” ways to measure Congressional performance that would focus the members on their jobs.

  2. pekoe says:

    I bet they will put servers on the barge and use the water as a heat sink, instead of paying for AC like they do now.