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government shutdown
Source: Washington Post

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6 Responses to “Government Employees By Location”

  1. capitalistic says:

    ~800,000 furloughed employees. Less money in the real economy. Political risk. Here comes another GOP-induced recession. Awesome!

  2. formerlawyer says:

    Is this map not misleading as active duty military is exempt from furlough?

  3. BennyProfane says:

    Wow, Colorado Springs #1 over DC? Who woulda thunk. What a wacky place, because, from everything I’ve read and been told, it probably has the highest concentration of evangelicals in the country, too.

    Honolulu third. Never would have gotten that one on final jeopardy, either.

    • dsawy says:

      Just for the USAF, there’s the Academy, Buckley AFB, Cheyenne Mountain, Peterson AFB, Scheiver AFB. USA Ft. Carson.

      In Pueblo, CO there is the GPO/GSA Federal Consumer Information Center, with probably a couple thousand employees, with their very own zip code 81009.

  4. rj chicago says:

    Fort Carson
    Air Force Academy

    • theexpertisin says:


      Schreiver AFB
      Peterson AFB

      both more important to our national security than FC,AFA or NORAD