I had a good time last night presenting “Your Brain on Stocks” to a room full of 1000 CFAs (or soon to be) at the Toronto CFA Annual Prediction dinner.

Martin Barnes of BCA and Gary Shilling were also on the bill. Toronto resident David Rosenberg popped in (he spoke at this event in prior years).

Toronto is in the midst of a business boom similar to other Canadian cities. The entire Canadian housing sector never corrected when the US did; Martin Barnes had a great slide comparing the two (I’ll see if I can grab a copy).

What I really liked about Gary and Martin’s presentation was their acknowledgment about forecasting. Its rare to see economists who understand that the future is inherently unknown and unknowable, and that predictions are for fun and not for profit.

All told, a good time was had by all.

I am off to the airport, and if the travel Gods permit it, I will check back in after landing. This means today’s opening could be bumpy.

Be back shortly . . .

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One Response to “Heading Back from Toronto to NYC”

  1. Moe says:

    Hopefully you have checked out “The St. Lawrence Market” – a must see in Toronto for those who enjoy food.