Forget dated ideas about the left and right hemispheres. New research provides a more nuanced view of the brain

Source: WSJ

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2 Responses to “How We Think: Top Brain/Bottom Brain”

  1. Francisco Bandres de Abarca says:

    This brings to mind the triune brain framework by Dr. Paul MacLean (which many may remember via Carl Sagan’s book “The Dragons of Eden”).

    Mr. Kosslyn mentions that all areas of the brain are always interacting. I have noticed that they are not necessarily cooperating!

    I think he may have a future pop/industrial psychology hit on his hands with this ‘four modes’ of cognitive function-based personality description. Middle management bureaucrats will undoubtedly organize incredibly productive and profound teams using this model. Lawrence Livermore won’t have nuthin’ on Dunder Mifflin once this gets out.

  2. george lomost says:

    Maybe I missed something but this sounds like a re-hash of Myers-Briggs.