• Frontline’s landmark ‘League of Denial’ (Columbia Journalism Review)

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4 Responses to “Saturday Night Cinema: League of Denial”

  1. A says:

    It’s bad enough that sports owners bleed the public for their stadiums and tax-exempt status..and now this. Why does the quest for power and profit deem certain portions of the population to be disposable ?

  2. S Brennan says:

    What irritates me the most about the NFL scandal is; in a game where courage is the foremost trait of the player…the absolute cowardice of the Management of the NFL. Stop with the tackling bulls#!t, if offensive linemen are significant portion of the sufferers, then you’ve mistaken the trunk for the tail…and you need to turn the elephant around.

    Grab the bull by the horn, you’re on the public dole to the tune of several billion dollars a year. In terms of total revenue, by comparison, Riddell doesn’t have a pot to piss in, pony up the bucks, write a SIBR, get DoD [which has a similar problem], to co-fund a head injury R&D project…and put this behind you. In other words, get off your lazy asses…and solve the problem.

    To the NFL Management; Football is the greatest gladiatorial sport EVER, stop being pussies, fix the e’ffing helmets.

    S Brennan

    PS, I had 3 concussions before 8th grade, no complaints, I’m fine, but the helmets suck and from what I’ve seen, still do.

  3. Herman Frank says:

    Do parents have the backbone to tell their kids “no more football …. for your own good!” ????
    Do they care to have a discussion about it? Will parents or kids be brave enough to tell their peers, “no thank you, I’m into other sports”?

    We’ve been following this “brain-damage discussion” from the time it started, because, admit it(!), anyone seeing any player getting tackled, blocked or “pulverized” cringes and thinks “That hurts!”
    Then we read the first reports about persistent headaches, early dementia, slurred speech, tantrums, change of personality, killings & suicides and decided “no football!”.

    We love junior too much to lose him because of us not being able to show a backbone. Our choice, our decision.

  4. Chief Tomahawk says:

    My understanding is the NFL attempted to pull all strings to squash this report. In fact, ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” was co-producing this with Frontline until Roger Goddell and his #1 met with ESPN’s #1 and #2 and threatened their precious Monday Night Football contract, demanded their immediate withdrawal from the Frontline report, and immediate firing of an on-air personality at ESPN. It’s too bad the NFL has to behave in such a fashion.