The NFL is run by a bunch of jerks:

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10 Responses to “NFL’s Crusade Against Concussion Science”

  1. theexpertisin says:

    Still, we watch.

  2. MidlifeNocrisis says:

    Human nature for big money to protect it’s interests.

  3. RW says:

    Tobacco companies denied their product contributed to cancer.
    Oil and coal companies deny their products contribute to global warming.
    Major league football denies their product contributes to brain injury.

    There’s seems to be a pattern there.

  4. Chad says:

    Unfortunately, this is what a large portion of our corporations and .01% define as competition…make money at any costs. It’s a shame we value companies more than people.

  5. OscarWildeDog says:

    I was on the Phila Eagles taxi squad for two years – essentially the “Washington Generals” role (for those older than 45, you’ll know what I mean). I made some good money getting beaten up, but one of my friends on the squad got several concussions a month, essentially because of the way he tackled. The macho attitude was, if you don’t play somebody else would. And your contract wasn’t guaranteed beyond the next month.

    So, put two and two together, adjust for the winning for the team mentality, throw in a pinch of General Manager bullshit, add a dollop of owner influence and VOILA! You have the perfect storm for the concussion coverup.

  6. rd says:

    It’snot just the NFL. There are many dangerous jobs in the US. In many cases, better use of technology tand.or management systems can dramatically reduce the risk.

  7. Low Budget Dave says:

    Better equipment is not the answer. (The improvement in helments so far has only led to harder tackles.) The only obvious solutionis to start calling penalties for every head tackle and every head block.

    To those who say that it is just another bleeding-heart plan to take all the fun out of football by making it “safe”, I say “Good.”

    If you can’t think of a game to enjoy that doesn’t involve mental and physical damage to the players, then just buy yourself a football video game.

  8. Livermore Shimervore says:

    College football should be run as private league where all these inner-city and rural youth from schools with horrible schools get paid. They are are monitored by the Mayo clinic or some other institution receiving no assistance or compensation from the league. The players pay for their own healtcare through various different carriers none of whom would have contract with the league. Technology would be put into the helmets and shoulder pads to gauge the severity of impact. If impacts break past a certain range the game is canceled with the team responsible for the harder hits getting the loss. The log of these impacts would be posted publicly online for the fans and medical researchers to see in real time. The empasis would be on offense not brain-scrambling defense.

    In other words, in nearly all aspects football should be the completely opposite of what it is now.

  9. louiswi says:

    The following should just about piss everyone off:

    The NFL is a 501(c)(6) organization, a tax-exempt company like chambers of commerce, trade associations and other membership groups.

  10. Clem Stone says:

    It’s also worth considering how much damage is taking place in high school football.