For years after the dot-com bust, many stock investors wanted to see a company turn a profit before buying shares. The hype surrounding Twitter’s IPO shows that is no longer the case. Telis Demos reports.

For Tech IPOs, It’s Cool Again to Lose Money

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4 Responses to “No profits? No problem.”

  1. ByteMe says:

    The hype machine needs a good story. Without that, people forget about them. And then they get lonely.

    The hype is all driven by the underwriters. Anyone who falls for it… well, they end up buying Facebook at a premium. The rest of us will wait until valuation gets closer to a reasonable multiple of income.

  2. willid3 says:

    isnt this also true of Amazon? or Tesla?

  3. Don’t agree at all with “No Profits, no Problem”.

    You may – or may not – recall that use of (eg) was not a proximate cause of any regime changes in semi-failing countries.

    This time it’s different. (Really!)

  4. RC says:

    I used to be super skeptical of Twitter’s viability. But now I feel that the brand recognition and brand presence is so strong that it has made a special place for itself. The key factor being celebrity participation.
    The participation in Twitter is lower, but those who are participating are committed users, unlike Facebook. Facebook is now marching towards being a platform for women. Active and committed participation on Facebook now is weighted much heavily towards Women. Women have a natural need for social interaction and this feels that void, however there are other tools that can cater to this need for women. Twitter on the other hand is developing into a unique space.