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16 Responses to “Obama to Harwood: “Wall St Should be Worried””

  1. louiswi says:

    The president is offering a great deal of wisdom in this video.

    It is amazing to me that the Affordable Care Act, which is law, passed by both sections of one branch of government, signed off on as law by another branch of government, and rendered constitutional and thus valid law by the third and final branch of government, is now deemed a negotiable item by a small group of anarchists who happen to represent less than 5% of the population of this country.
    I should think we should all be outraged not just wall street.

  2. wally says:

    Wall Street paid a lot of money to get Republicans elected – the same ones who are now, effectively, internal terrorists. What did they expect?

  3. CardinalRam says:

    What the Tea Party extremists do not realize is that any tactic they use successfully as a weapon can and WILL one day be turned against them. If the Democrats and Obama give in, even a little bit, then the tactic will be trumpeted as successful.
    At some point, there will once again be a Republican president and one of the Houses of Congress will be Democrat. Will the Republicans then appreciate that the tactic of a small minority holding the financial validity of United States hostage to their extreme demands was started by their own extremists?
    No President can effectively govern, nor can any legislative body effectively pass laws necessary for a country if the whole process can be halted by a minority of extremists for whom compromise is an anathema, rather than the true source of democracy.

    What is even more troubling than the Tea Party extremists demanding this action is that the majority of the Republican members of the House are allowing them to get away with it. Under George W. Bush’s guidance, they demanded that young American men and women be willing to sacrifice their lives to protect the U.S. against foreign extremists. Now, many of those same Republicans are not willing to possibly sacrifice their political careers to protect the U.S. from it’s own home-grown extremists.

    • bonderman says:

      THANK YOU! CardinalRam.
      Beautifully said and it should be reading material for Tea Party folks. But they simply don’t want accept the law of the land (which I too believe is seriously flawed but still the law).

  4. DeDude says:

    Perfect explanation. Which off course will not be shown on Fox. If you give in to hostage takers then they will just come back. I just wish he would have realized that before the first time.

    If he even say “here we will give you 5% of your demand for letting government continue another 6 weeks”, then they will simply come back every 6 weeks for another 5% until they have gotten everything they want. Clean bill or no bill. No giving in to hostage takers.

  5. RW says:

    Quite understandable that many folks appear to believe the congressional Democrats and POTUS will cave to Republican demands — the former have generally proven feckless and the latter has negotiated with himself or flinched a few too many times — but I am persuaded the odds of this are significantly less favorable this time around than a significant market bet on it would warrant, rather the contrary in fact, so …

    I have reduced beta and set some additional cash aside. I don’t believe (hope) it will last long but I do think the odds of a fairly major market freakout are increasing and there are some names I’d love to buy at a better price as well as a couple currency and interest rate plays.

    OTOH I am not only willing to pay the opportunity cost if I’m wrong I would frankly be delighted.

    Why the Shutdown Is Leading to Debt Default; or, What Happens When You Take Hostages Without a Plan

  6. Low Budget Dave says:

    The Republicans are insisting that they should be allowed to dismantle any law they don’t like. If the Senate does not allow them, the Republicans have threatened to shut down the government and refuse to pay bills or bonds.

    In effect, they are saying: “unless you let us run the country, we will destroy it.”

    It amazes me that the media treats this like typical partisan bickering. It is a hostage situation, designed to win political goals through extortion.

    Worse: The Republicans seem to genuinely enjoy the idea of wiping out thousands of American jobs. And for what? To protect Americans from health insurance?

    • ilsm says:

      That is what happened when Lincoln was elected.

      There is no improvement over 1786, 1830 or 1860.

      To get a constitution the federalists agreed to ‘a slave equals 3/5 of a man .

  7. DarthVader'sMentor says:

    Obama AND Wall Street should be worried, as well as senators and representatives. If the Republicans and Tea Party activists had any common sense as to a political strategy, there’d be recall petitions started for each and every Democrat in the senate for voting against the bill that they voted against which essentially which tries to stop the president to give at his whim exemptions (illegally and unconstitutionally) to the ACA-Obamacare-Democare law.

    Recall petitions for Senate democrats would be a real good test to see if the ACA-Obamacare-Democare law is really as unpopular as the polls suggest. It would also test to see how the GOP is faring under the shutdown.

    The fear of recall elections and popular petitions is the only thing left for the GOP to use that might make the Democratic Senate coalition start to crack.

    • wally says:

      On the other hand, Repubs are less likely to see big contributions from business in the next election cycle. Businesses need stability.
      Less money means fewer Repubs next time around.

    • louiswi says:


      Note, Obamacare is really just Romneycare (you remember, the white rich GOP guy). Democare would be the single payer option which is the only option in the long run for the U.S. to stay in first world standings vs third world standings.

    • theexpertisin says:

      Outlying Dems who have run as moderates while voting Pelosi/Reid-left would likely suffer a recall if the issues were strongly and accurately presented, and if the moderate and conservative base turned out to vote.

      Progressives welcomed recalls, at least until the recent Colorado results.

      Let the games begin.

      • panskeptic says:

        There is only one outlying Democrat in either house and that’s Bernie Sanders. All the others are moderates to one degree or another. You can hardly consider them on the left, given how the Republicans have moved the goalposts. In this climate, Ronald Reagan would not make it through the Republican primaries, and might wind up a Democrat once again.

        Obama himself is a moderate Republican, but those were purged from the GOP a long time ago. He too wound up at home among the Democrats.

        The Democratic part of the spectrum does not compare with the Republicans’, who at this point have distinct groups of either conservatives or flaming conservatives. It is the latter group of wingnuts who, like Samson, are trying to bring down the Temple with the jawbone of an ass.

        It is a false equivalency to speak of both parties as having excessive zealotry on the fringes. The Democrats are virtually fringe-free. We’d all be better off if the Republicans could say the same.

    • willid3 says:

      so its time for recall petitions for the GOP house members too? of course, unbeknownst to our friend. there are are no recall petitions for federal reps.

  8. victor says:

    Republicans Should ‘Take Hostages’ Over Debt Ceiling; U.S. Won’t Default, Says Stockman
    “The fiscal process doesn’t work. It’s broken and the only way to get the wheels of this thing to stop turning is for a determined minority to grab the bull by the horns. And if they want to call it ‘hostage taking’ they can use that term but why do people think we can keep adding to the national debt?”