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4 Responses to “Surfline Video”

  1. cornbin says:

    Holy ****! Thanks BR, this video made my day! The downside is it has taken up 10 minutes of my day already, as I’ve watched it 3 times!

  2. mpetrosian says:

    Good to see this sort of thing on TBP, but those are some pretty weak waves. No kidding. The size is there, but the wave lacks the swell period (wave speed through open ocean). That’s why it’s difficult for those guys in the video to get away from the top of the wave. Search YouTube for Todos Santos, Jaws, or mavericks. I’m not sure why that recent Europe storm didn’t produce the period but its important for good waves. Most new surfers are focused on size. Great waves need size, period, correct tide, and correct wind to make a spot go off. Moving on, why do those British Airways ads have arrows on the left and right of the screen for skipping back to the content? It seems convenient only if you’re holding the iPad like a steering wheel at 10 and 2. The economist app has a similar ad, but you tap the app to link with the advertisers site or swipe anywhere on the screen to skip. If this is something easily changed, check it out and maybe you’ll agree.

  3. MaxMax says:

    The music’s hilarious

  4. Joe says:

    It’s not my kinda crazy. Still ya gotta admire someone who looks over the edge nd spends some time there.