Since the summer, I have been working on a skunk works project that has been kept under wraps during the negotiation process. It involves a a combination of media — sort of a mash up of blogging, podcasting and radio.

I think it will be way cool.

The fact that I am discussing it here means that, yes, we have a done deal — I signed the docs and made it all legal (guess what top flight legal counsel costs in this town?!). There should be an announcement towards the end of next week.

I am super jazzed about it.

I am under NDA, so I cannot reveal what the specifics are until then — but I can say it is a pretty big deal. Hopefully, something like this stay tuned.

I hope this project ends up being as innovative and unusual as I envision; there is the possibility  of crashing and burning, egg on my face, failure / horrible embarrassment/ showing up naked for high school finals sort of humiliation.

But WTF, if you never take risks, you will never grow!

What might change? I expect the blog might see some small changes in some ways, and for sure, my schedule will, as well as my interaction with media. Other than that you are just going to have to come back a week from now and see whats up.

I am very very excited about this!


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15 Responses to “Teaser: Big Announcement Next Week”

  1. mitchn says:

    Barry TV on the Web? Can’t wait!

  2. BR,

    nice going~

    BRIPTV (or, really, any variant thereof..) should Rock!

  3. ReductiMat says:

    If you want to succeed, double your failure rate!

    Good luck Barry, for the amount of work you put into things, you certainly deserve it.

  4. hs says:

    Good luck to you, BR. I am sure it’s going to be new and refreshing.

  5. mpetrosian says:

    I hope it’s an app. good luck!

  6. Malachi says:

    I look forward to it Barry! Whatever it may be, you’ve got a number of enthusiastic supporters and participants here.

  7. Chris Lee says:

    Glad you have work that you believe in. If you bring to it the same quality that you brought to your blog it will be great.

  8. tlittell says:

    Looking forward to it Barry! Your own channel on the Chromecast?? I think not.

  9. flyingshark says:


  10. Livermore Shimervore says:

    I like that interview you did with Steve Forbes way back. It would be cool to see you talk shop with pop-culture types who are in-tune with the markets like Mark Cuban. Bet he has plenty to say right now..

  11. Todd in SM says:

    Congrats BR. Can’t wait!

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