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11 Responses to “The Mercedes S-Class Coupé Concept Is Like A 455 HP Tsunami Of Luxury”

  1. chartist says:

    MB is among the top 3 brands for design, imo. I’d probably rank them Ferrari, MB, Bentley.

  2. bmz says:

    Style uber alles.

  3. wally says:

    A bit silly, actually.

  4. Diogenes II says:

    Gawd that thing is beautiful! I wish I had not seen it. Now I will want one.

    Note to self: a car is a depreciating asset, a car is a depreciating asset, a car is a depreciating asset…

  5. Thomaspin says:

    Miami coke dealer’s car. Crass beyond words. Their last class design was the 560SEC.

  6. kenyc says:

    But is it better than a Tesla?

  7. Marc P says:

    Attractive…but is it really different than other cars today? Look at the top shot. Imagine it with a BMW grille. The photo text is says this is a shot of the 2015 6-series from an auto show. Looks right, yes?

  8. Robert M says:

    Tsunami’s crash on the shore and suck away everything on shore. No matter how early you rise in the morning the roads aren’t that safe. I can’t see you laying out this kind of cash and spending the weekend at Lime Rock to stay alive.

  9. Cato says:

    I thought they were really onto something with the preceding facelift of the E-class (return to four headlights, inside headlights square) which had fantastic angles and I think it’ll age really well. As Marc P says above, this is far too similar to what else is out that. Unimaginative.