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2 Responses to “The Shifting and Twisting Beveridge Curve: An Aggregate Perspective”

  1. Greg0658 says:

    thought this thread was along the line:

    but more modern … here is a new one from same author – looks interesting – 6 glasses was an easy read for me
    “Writing on the Wall: Social Media – The First 2,000 Years”

    thanks for the reading material of bbb ..
    imo a job listing is: (in most cases)
    search for a better fit employee
    keep employees on their toes
    in case of a salesclerk – use the clerks friend base for sales .. when dry – gone if
    get people in store ie: advertise’g (its all deductable from taxable profit)

  2. FrViper says:

    Ah ha! Finally an acknowledgement that we need training of the unemployed to match the job needs. This is greatly a State and Federal government opportunity. Unfortunately business/unions have stopped the journeyman type training and it leaves unemployed workers to have little skills to sell. As a tool and die trainee in the 60′s, you learned how and why machines were able to achieve their finesse, not just push buttons. In other words, hands on knowledge. I find llitle of this ability in todays workers. Computers may ‘operate’ machines, but machines still have limitations which software hasn’t compensated for.