A hedge fund manager friend had mentioned a research report that had noted the Dow, FTSE and Nikkei were at neither all time nor 2013 highs.

Those there indices sounded like it a bit of cherry picking to me. So rather than succumb to the usual confirmation bias, I decided to see what major indexes were or were not actually making 2013 and all time highs

These are the results:


Index All Time highs? 2013 highs?
Dow Composite No No
Dow Transports Yes Yes
Dow Utilities No No
Nasdaq 100 No Yes
Russell 1000 Yes Yes
Russell 2000 Yes Yes
Russell 3000 Yes Yes
S&P 100 No Yes
S&P 400 Mid Caps Yes Yes
S&P 600 Small Caps Yes Yes
Wilshire 5000 Yes Yes
Brazil No No
China No No
France No Yes
Germany No Yes

Source: Ritholtz Wealth Management

Category: Investing, Markets, Technical Analysis

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6 Responses to “What Indices Are At All Time & 2013 Highs?”

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  2. constantnormal says:

    for all the professional emphasis on large cap stocks to float one through turbulent times, the small caps appear to have been the place to be …

  3. Bob A says:

    if you think it seems like european stocks should eventually return to all time highs, there’s a lot of room to run there

  4. hawks5999 says:

    you left off:

    All-time: NO 2013: NO

  5. Livermore Shimervore says:

    data is data but for an investor, it would be helpful to see all time highs and all time lows when there wasn’t some huge bubble in the works like in 2000 and 1997. That way we can see if current hilltops are above above the ‘sane’ trading band and into ‘irrational exuberant’ side of the hilltop. A Paolo Pelligrini chart of all time highs vs 2013 if you will. In other words NASDAQ at 5K vs. today may give the false impression that we aren’t already ahead of ourselves simply because pets.com is now just a sock puppet.

  6. Can’t forget Japan – All-Time No; 2013 No.