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10 Sunday AM Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On November 24, 2013 @ 8:30 am In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

My Sunday morning reads:

• Some Stock Bulls Tread Lightly Into 2014 (WSJ [1]) see also Economist Robert Shiller is waving a warning flag on stock valuations. Some call his methods misleading (WSJ [2])
• Surveys of retirement spending (Bogleheads [3])
• BlackRock: JPMorgan settlement undermines mortgages (Housing Wire [4]) see also $13 Billion, Yes, but What Took So Long? (NYT [5])
• ETF Investors Ignore Growth Stocks  (Barron’s [6])
• How Do You Make Money Off Stolen Art? (Priceonomics [7])
• Blame the NSA, not Facebook and Google (USA Today [8])
• A War Over Solar Power Is Raging Within the GOP (New Republic [9]) see also How Much Do Americans Blame Washington for Their Economic Woes? – Emma Green (The Atlantic [10])
• Are Bitcoins the Criminal’s Best Friend? (Bloomberg [11])
• There’s a Whole New Way of Killing Cancer (Esquire [12])
• You Can’t Take a Bullet for Someone Hollywood-Style, Because Physics (Scientific American [13])

What is for brunch?


Democrats Rein In Senate Filibusters

Source: WSJ [14]


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