My morning reads

• Individual investor bullishness hits six year high (Pragmatic Capitalism) see also The return of cash sparks big stock rallies in the developing world (WSJ)
• Byron Wien’s Asset Allocation Plan (Barron’s)
• Fear is killing your investments (MarketWatch) see also Ignorance (Stumbling and Mumbling)
• The Language of Inflation (Edelweiss)
• Twitter’s Market Valuation Suggests Wall St. Sees Huge Growth Potential (DealBook) see also Facebook Misadventure Means Scrutiny on NYSE With Twitter (Bloomberg)
• Cash buyers of property outstrip mortgage-backed sales (Quick Move Now)
• Eisinger: Simple Fix to Debate Over Government’s Role in Housing (DealBook)
• Nazi Art Trove Surprises Family Searching for 70 Years (Bloomberg)
• B.J. Novak: “The Man Who Invented the Calendar” (New Yorker)
• Apple’s Inspiration For The iPod? Bang & Olufsen, Not Braun (Fast Company)

What are you reading?


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6 Responses to “10 Thursday AM Reads”

  1. RW says:

    Taking Aim at the Wrong Deficit

    Simply put, lowering the budget deficit right now leads to slower growth. But reducing the trade deficit would have the opposite effect. Not only that, but by increasing growth and getting more people back to work in higher-than-average value-added jobs, a lower trade deficit would itself help to reduce the budget deficit.

  2. hue says:

    Patent War Goes Nuclear: Microsoft, Apple-owned ‘Rockstar’ Sues Google (ars technica) What’s At Stake For Google & Android (readwrite)

    Bitcoins Are Back On a Tear, Will It End in Tears? (WaPo)

    Hair Apparent: NYC’s First Family Says It All With Their Dos (WaPo)

  3. > Fear is killing your investments (MarketWatch)

    Of course, it was not that long ago that MarketWatch’s Paul Farrell was writing apocalyptically about a looming market crash, so it’s no wonder retail investors are in a state of constant angst if not utter bewilderment.

    But . . . that was then. Here’s Farrell now:

    “Pessimism is now the market’s worst enemy, a virus in our brain”

    Shiller’s hot P/Es powering a ‘Roaring Bull’ till 2017 (MarketWatch)

  4. czyz99 says:


    Farrell is being sarcastic.

    We’re going to lose Carl Denninger on Dec 31. I’ll miss getting the ban hammer, his creepy laugh and that very bad toupee. Hopefully he’ll keep his YouTube videos up if I want to torture myself.

  5. > Farrell is being sarcastic.

    In which case he fooled an awful lot of commentators . . . I think he’s postponed the “shocker” event he was predicting earlier in the year (“New Critical Warning as 2013 shocker looms”).