Its guilty-plea Tuesday, and that means time for some reads:

• Meet Preet Bharara, who just won the biggest insider trading case ever (Washington Post) but see Has Steven A. Cohen Bought Off the U.S. Government? (New Yorker)
• Hatzius: Two Fed Economists Have Given Us A Big Hint About What The Fed’s Next Easing Move Will Be (Business Insider)
• You really can time the stock market (MarketWatch) but see Dismiss Diversification at Your Own Risk (Bucks blog)
• How do we fix LIBOR? (Math Babe)
• Bitcoin Is Broken (Hacking, Distributed)
• In Alabama election, a showdown between the GOP establishment and the tea party (Washington Post) see also Three Big Elections Will Tell Us About The Future Of The GOP (Business Insider)
• An Article Has A Lifespan Of 37 Days, And Other Findings From Pocket (Fast Company)
• Bezos’ Amazon: Mercenary or missionary, or both? (USA Today)
• NASA Kepler Results Usher in a New Era of Astronomy (NASA)
• 25 Of The Funniest Women You Should Be Following on Twitter (Thought Catalog)

What are you reading?


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20 Responses to “10 Tuesday AM Reads”

  1. BennyProfane says:

    Why is everything linked through Bloomberg now? I am not allowed access to that site at work (don’t ask).

  2. hue says:

    How The Media Is Blowing the Obamacare Rollout (Salon) By taking insurers at their word, those reporting on Obamacare tradeoffs and failures are getting totally fleeced.

    Titter: Boobs Banner Ads And The Convergence of Twitter & Facebook (CNET)

    DePew Daylight Savings Time: 19 Time Zones — 9 Minutes Apart (The Awl)

    Megan McArdle generates hundreds of comments at her Bloomberg echo chamber.

    • I saw the Depew article — its already queued up for the afternoon

      • hue says:

        ha ha. I’ve often had stories queued up only to see you’ve already selected them in the reads or tweeted. but that is a good thing! the matrix has plenty …

    • All I can be responsible for at BBRG is what I publish. They have a huge roster of writers, and I want to bring what I do to their audience.

      That said, perhaps I should be more circumspect with my overbroad generalizations!

      • hue says:

        Clicking on her name, at my first comment, goes to Fisking McArdle, “She is simply appalling, and any publication that publishes anything in the future under her byline is off my reading list.” Except for Bloomberg View, of course ;)

        Like someone posted earlier here, Bloomberg is pulling in the Fox News crowd with her. She occasionally throws business story along with blanket Obamacare coverage.

        At Bloomie view, BR is getting a wider audience, which is great for everyone.

      • What attracted me to the firm is the new regime, which is solid and beyond — plus the usual respect for the data monster that is Bloomberg.

  3. VennData says:

    Monsters: The 1985 Chicago Bears and the Wild Heart of Football

    “…But “Monsters” is not exactly a sports book. It’s more of a cultural-legacy sort of book: but primarily a history of the way that a certain team, at a certain moment in time, with certain personalities, in a certain town can culturally transcend sports…”,0,860047.column

  4. willid3 says:

    hm. if we had worse pollution, spying (by governments and companies) would be harder to do

  5. VennData says:

    Brazil admits to spying on US diplomats after blasting NSA surveillance

    Hero of the Soviet Union Snowden told us nothing. Now let’s stop listening to the Iranians and Al Qaeda so he can be a hero of Rand Paul and the other paranoids who can’t stand the idea of the gov’t knowing they got a pizza last night.

  6. CD Sorensen says:

    “We’re the first to discover that the Bitcoin protocol is not incentive-compatible. The protocol can be gamed by people with selfish interests.”

    …is there any protocol that cannot be gamed by people with selfish interests?

  7. willid3 says:

    that fracking thing that was suppose to be a big economic mover and creator of jobs?
    seems to not be working out that way.
    course no one is really sure that long term fracking will be any thing but a short term play, as the firlds dont seem to last near as long as the other fields do

  8. rd says:

    The UK may ban fees greater than 0.75% on retirement plans:

    The socialists are clearly missing the point of free market capitalism. This may divert money from the wealthy to the less-wealthy and poor which is generally frowned upon and strongly discouraged as it is unfair to the common man.

  9. rd says:

    It appears that Obamacare may actually reduce the cost of regulated healthcare in soem states:

    and 17 million people may be eligible for subsidies:

    The state with the most people eligible for subsidies is Texas.

    However, accurate data on who and how many new enrollees there are may be difficult to parse: