Some interesting reads to start off your day:

• Are We In Global Bubble Territory? Not Yet (BlackRock) see also Are We in a Bubble? (Crossing Wall Street)
• Hedge funds are muscling into munis: ‘They can smell the blood and the fear’ (WSJ)
• Swedroe: Questioning Emerging Markets (Index Universe) see also Capital Group questions how indices are used (FT)
• Technical hand wringing du jour (FT Alphaville)
• Seeking to Toughen the Rules for Brokers (NY Times)
• Confessions of a Quantitative Easer (WSJ)
• Congress Is Starving the Agency That’s Supposed to Prevent Another Meltdown (New Republic)
• Major U.S. Cities Still Not Recovered From Crisis (Real Time Economics)
• A Technological Optimist, But Just (stratēchery) but see Tweeting Isn’t a Bubble, It’s a Bandwagon (Atlantic)
• W(h)ither the American way (Buttonwood Tree)

What are you reading?


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13 Responses to “10 Tuesday AM Reads”

  1. willid3 says:

    where are the jobs?

    retail. and executives?

  2. BenE says:

    The global markets still have some room to go up because of two macro facts:

    1. There is still some slack in labor. There are lots of unemployed or underemployed people, especially in europe which means cheap labor for businesses and also means that when these people are hired, they become consumers and raise earnings and GDP.

    2. Central banks are still doing a poor job, constantly undershooting inflation and keeping us in a liquidity trap. This is also a big contributor to problem one.

    Once these two things get fixed, or at least once we can have some confidence they are going to get fixed in a reasonable time frame (stock prices rise on the information that things are going to get fixed, they are not going to wait for the fix to actually happen), stocks will reach their full potential, by which I mean it will be difficult for them to overperform after that since the economy will already be going close to full speed.

    When we get near this top, it might be worth shifting some money into bonds until the next correction and stock buying opportunity.

  3. VennData says:

    Calif. company recalls prepackaged salad, sandwich

    “…More than 90 tons of ready-to-eat salads and sandwiches by a California catering company are being recalled after 26 people in three states were sickened by a bacterial strain of E. coli linked to its products, federal health officials said Sunday…”

    ​Whoops, something slipped through those cracks in the gov’t shutdown.

  4. VennData says:

    Jerry Jones admits firing Rob Ryan a mistake

    Jerrah Jones, the glitzy, glamorous job-creator regrets right-sizing the Confederacy’s team.

  5. swag says:

    Sell Low, Buy High

    “The Doctors and Dentists are In”

    Particularly depressing quote: ““Frankly, from 2009 until recently, I wanted to stay very conservative,” said Chris Rouk, a technology sales manager in Irvine, Calif. Now, he said, “I want to get more aggressive.”

  6. jackshelp says:

    Fed’s Huzar: “I can only say: I’m sorry, America. The central bank continues to spin QE as a tool for helping Main Street. But I’ve come to recognize the program for what it really is: the greatest backdoor Wall Street bailout of all time.”

  7. abetasoup says:

    On hedge funds jumping into munis: ….but can they smell the duration risk?

  8. VennData says:

    ​This idea that “It’s Washington”​ is utter bullshit. I’s the GOP, they are the problem.

    Graham to block Fed, Homeland picks over Benghazi–politics.html

    GOP ready to block key Obama court nominee


  9. hue says:

    CBS Goes Fox (Hullabaloo) Big Chicken In Excelsis (Esquire) Gov. Blowfish is our newest anointed uniter, following kumbaya Obama, following compassionate conservative W, who was suppose to save us from those polarizing Clintons.

    The Death of Firefox (ExtremeTech) Chrome is Used More Than Firefox, IE & Opera Combined (TheNextWeb)

    Blue Instagram Photos Get You More Likes, Study Says (TheNextWeb) Blue isn’t just the warmest color for French lesbians

  10. VennData says:

    Perry calls for compromise within GOP: ‘If you can’t win elections, you can’t govern’–%E2%80%98if-you-can-t-win-elections–you-can-t-govern—223454647.html

    Perry wants to compromise with Obama!

    Perry MUST be stricken from your list of authorities. He cannot be trusted!!!