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10 Tuesday AM Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On November 26, 2013 @ 10:00 am In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

Before you get too involved in whatever, some morning reads:

• Speed Traders Meet Nightmare on Elm Street With Nanex (Bloomberg [1]) see e.g. Shredding Virtu’s Response with Science (Nanex [2])
• Connecting the Academic and Policy Worlds: Interview with James Bullard (MacroMania [3])
• Artificial discounts abound, Black Friday and every day (WSJ [4]) see also Black Friday Blues (Bloomberg [5])
• Effective Corporate Tax Rates (Economix [6])
• Another Bear, Tom McClellan Falls by the Wayside (Moneybeat [7]) see also Hugh Hendry Throws in the Bearish Towel (Reformed Broker [8])
• Pope Francis Calls Unfettered Capitalism ‘A New Tyranny’ (Business Insider [9])
• Microsoft might be beating Google at retail. No, really. (Washington Post [10])
• The US has 43 nuclear power plants’ worth of solar energy in the pipeline (Quartz [11])
• Do You Love Malcolm Gladwell? You’re Reading Fairy Tales (New Republic [12])
• Top 10 Beach Towns In Winter (World Property Channel [13])

What are you reading?

Why is France better than Germany, Spain, and Italy? More young people.

Source: WSJ [14]

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