My Afternoon train reading:

• Jesse Livermore: The Greatest Trader Who Ever Lived (Crossing Wall Street)
• To live and die in public: That’s Twitter (GigaOm)
• 11 Or 12 Things I Learned About Life From Day Trading Millions Of Dollars (TechCrunch)
• Insider Trading 101 (Turney Duff)
• Bartlett: The Decline of the Tea Party (Economix)
see also No, the US Government is not “$16 trillion in the hole” (Pragmatic Capitalism)
• Ten political assumptions (Stumbling and Mumbling)
• Marijuana Vote in Colorado Weighs 25% Tax for Recreation (Bloomberg)
• Silicon Valley has an arrogance problem (WSJ) see also We’re About to Lose Net Neutrality — And the Internet as We Know It (Wired)
• Review: ‘Double Down,’ by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann (NY Times)
• LOL: US Needs To Retire Daylight Savings Time — Just Have 19 Time Zones, 9 Minutes Apart (Awl)

What are you reading?


Emerging-Stock Rally Raises Concern
Source: WSJ

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