My late morning reads:

• Jeremy Grantham’s Bullish Two-Year Outlook (Barron’s) see also The EM flow turnaround (FT Alphaville)
• Smart-Beta Risks Not Clear Enough (Index Universe)
• Junk Glistens Under ‘Bernankecare’ as Worst Stocks Win (Bloomberg) see also In Japan, there is no worry that the central bank is about to pull back the punch bowl (WSJ)
• The Luck Factor in Great Decisions (Harvard Business Review)
• Fairfax Financial vs Berkshire Hathaway (Investing For a Living)
• Why no public fury over austerity? (Mainly Macro) see also Do Negative Rates Call For a Permanent Expansion of the Government? (Next New Deal)
• Big Ethanol Finally Loses (WSJ)
• Unaccountable: The Pentagon’s bad bookkeeping (Reuters)
• We Owe the Beatles to Luck (Bloomberg)
• What if US Football teams were presented as European (Soccer) Football (Football as Football)

What are you reading?

The EM Flow Turnaround

Source: FT Alphaville

Category: Financial Press

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6 Responses to “10 Midweek AM Reads”

  1. hue says:

    How Big Banks Killed a Plan to Speed Up Money Transfers (American Banker)

    Me, My Selfie and Iphone: A new twist on a primal human urge for self-portraiture (readwrite) Blodget: How Snapchat Plans To Make Money (BusinessInsider)

    The spaceship is cleared for landing (engadget) Cupertino approves new Apple HQ

  2. RW says:

    Interesting take on the ‘right-sizing’ going on at Bloomberg

    The evolution of Bloomberg News

    …Smith and Tyrangiel now have a significant degree of control over a newsroom which used to belong solely and unambiguously to Winkler. And while the Winkler regime had its idiosyncrasies, it didn’t pull its punches. Now, however, Bloomberg News is increasingly a direct threat to the success of Bloomberg LP, in a world where China represents the company’s biggest growth opportunity …

  3. rd says:

    A revisiting of rebalancing portfolios:

    The interesting argument is made that portfolios should be rebalanced between equities in bonds but that the equity component itself should not have internal equity class components rebalanced the accumulation period until near-retirement.

  4. ilsm says:

    Pentagon waste a lot of about 19% of US outlays in 2011, it fills a huge “trough” feeding $400B in 20101 to defense contractors, otherwise the pentagon would not spend what it spent in 1988. Defense Finance and Accounting Centers cooking books is a small part of the tip of the iceberg.

    This is only the bill paying side of the fraud and waste. A lot of DD 250′s are signed that do not match the terms and conditions of the delivery orders, activity reports justify “services”. A lot of specified performance are never delivered, never tested. When a four star general/admiral tells you such or such a system is the best thing on the ground, in the air, space or on the high seas grab your wallet, he knows less about how those things perform than the guys lying to pay the bills.

    The pentagon cannot pass technical audits of its stuff much less financial audits which every other cabinet agency has passed since soon after the Government Performance and Results Act was passed in 1993.

    Even that “tough on waste task master” Hagel (just as Rumsfeld, Gates, Etc) wants to wait until the next administration to send out the books for an audit.

    If the pentagon had interest in the wise use of the taxpayer’s dough and the success/safety of soldier rather than the profits of the folks (many of them former acquisition officials) feeding at their trough……