I was on the road yesterday when this erupted, but its too good not to post:




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Stacy Keach Reads the best of #AskJPM

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14 Responses to “#AskJPM . . . Hilarity Ensues”

  1. dryfly says:

    Given the Bankhead Theorem – it’s a win.

    “I don’t care what they say as long as they talk about me.” – Tallulah Bankhead

  2. Frilton Miedman says:

    Those are hilarious!

    I had a similar chuckle watching a fairly recent interview with Loyd Blankfein.

    At one point he adopts a touching, sincere, humble demeanor, complete with puppy dog eyes, he says “We need to stop promoting the notion of wealth transfer from the rich to the poor, and instead, we should be making cheap financing more available.”.

    Says the CEO of a firm that just participated in the largest fraudulent wealth transfer scheme in civilized history.

    “Don’t be angry, we’ll lend it back to you!”

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  4. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    Yes, many (most?) of the tweets were inciteful [sic], but in the long run what do they matter?

    Will JPM ever change the behavior that fuels those tweets? I doubt it.

    imho, JPM will continue to transfer (some might say, steal) money from Main Street to JPM’s coffers. A bunch of barbed tweets, no matter how humorous or interesting to read, will not change the fundamental business goals of Wall Street.

  5. everything says:

    All this social media stuff is still pretty experimental. For starters, our government should have one of these social outlets itself, making real online communities and forums available, let the people help with the transparency of our government. It also should have taken the radio arm of Motorola long ago and made sure those 19 firefighters had decent communications or devices.

    I sometimes questions our social networking, although the JPM thing is revealing, and I’m sure the news will report it, communications is not always being used where we need it the most, and the effectiveness wears off as competitors come along.

    Now, that snapchat thing, wow did FB want that!

  6. Bob A says:

    finally…. I’ve seen something worthwhile on twitter

  7. RW says:

    Public shaming like this is fun and probably makes a lot of folks feel better even if it doesn’t mean squat to the intended subjects. Have to admit there are times I wouldn’t mind seeing transgressors like the executives and board of JPM pilloried in the stocks so the rotten vegetables hurled at them really stung; know what I mean?

  8. tifoso0013 says:

    Totally freakin’ hilarious!
    “Morals? We ain’t got no morals. We don’t need no morals. I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ morals!”

    • willid3 says:

      when did they start requiring morals in banking? or on wall street? thought you had to check those at home if you had any

  9. 873450 says:

    When Obama summoned you to the White House and told you he stood between you and the pitchforks, did he know you would keep him standing there?

  10. Slash says:

    Heard about this yesterday on NPR. Nice to know people haven’t forgotten yet.

    But they probably will soon. And we’ll have another financial disaster in about 15 years, perpetrated by a different group of scumbags who collect billions while the rest of us suffer.

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  12. Giovanni says:

    Your man Downtown is pure gold with the AM I DIVERSIFIED? LOL!