There will be blood. And fights, and cell phones deservedly jammed up peoples nether regions.

It is the busiest travel day of the year today. I for one am giving thanks that we are staying local with the sibs instead of flying to Chicago as we typically do. As problematic as the weather is this year, I am much more concerned about the latest possible FAA rules allowing unrestricted cell phones on planes.

For so many reasons obvious to anyone who flies regularly or is not a government bureaucrat, this is a terrible idea. Expect regular brawls to break out at 30,000 feet. Six sky marshals per plane at a minimum will be costly; so too will the new standard issue tranquilizer dart guns for the flight crews.


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10 Responses to “Dear Lord, No Cell Phones on Airplanes.”

  1. rd says:

    A major advantage of having WiFi on airplanes with plentiful smartphone cameras will be the numerous videos posted to YouTube of cheating spouses having long discussions with their mistresses and business people discussing confidential mergers on airplanes.

    Some of these pople may be hit with divorce papers or notified of their termination before the plane even lands.

  2. ottnott says:

    It’s an ill wind that blows no good.

    Those of us who have to travel with young children welcome the masking noise of the cell phone conversations and the diversion of passenger ire away from our broods.

  3. louiswi says:

    The no cell phone regulation was never about safety. (If it were, the phones would have been confiscated prior to boarding). Rather, the regulation was at the behest of the airline industry who did not want the situation and consequences you are now raising.
    The airlines could enforce the no cell phone policy even though the FAA now gives its blessing. The right thing to do would be for the FAA to not capitulate so contacting the officials is the right thing to do at the moment. Barring that, the right thing to do would be to petition your favorite airline to keep he ban imposed.
    Barring that, earplugs combined with a bose headset works to keep out pretty much all noise.

  4. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Two thoughts:

    1) In Japan almost no one talks on their cell on public transportation. It’s seen as bad manners and there are reminder messages both in Japanese and English which remind folks not to do so. Instead, most commuters have their devices in silent mode as they scroll, etc. Really, its quite remarkable how quiet a packed rail car is.

    2) I think there’s a much more serious issue afoot in terms of smart phone usage by teens and sleep deprivation. I wonder what Facebook’s data shows in terms of a teen’s use per day versus how much sleep they’re getting? And if I’m right, what kind of adverse health issues are reacting these days?

  5. mpetrosian says:

    Why not give control of the antenna to the pilot for passenger use during certain times like if the flight will be late to take off or land? And why cellphones but no wifi? But yeah, unrestricted cellphone use is stupid. There are people who pretend to be on phone calls too. Those are the worst. My brother thinks I’m crazy but I think people pretend to be doin a deal or some other fantasy trying to get people’s attention. and think of all the effed up ways companies will use this to make more money. Charging more for seats in a no cellphone area of the plane comes to mind. But a great crowd nudge would be for carriers like Verizon to charge a premium for minutes used while in flight.

  6. Bridget says:


  7. brandyjc says:

    I personally find one-sided conversations held out loud to be very annoying and would support a continued ban. Unless, perhaps, the airlines put all cell users in “business class”, and vacationers in “to hell with you business people class”. :)

    But actually, the real issue having prevented this up until now is rarely pointed out. It’s never been about safety. The cell phone carriers have always been unhappy about the potential (and probably have been putting pressure on the FAA) because, when you’re 35,000 feet in the air and your phone (via the airplane) is pinging to triangulate from cell towers, the signal could theoretically be received by thousands of towers at once. When you’re on the ground, you might be hitting more than three towers, but not thousands.