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10 Responses to “JPMorgan and Uncle Sam Now Partners in Pillaging of America”

  1. zell says:

    Right on Barry. You should see the collateral damage in the countryside. Diamonds are a crooks best friend.
    Check out NYRB;’s “A Mathematical Romance.”

  2. scone says:

    And you little people can’t do a thing about this, ’cause your vote don’t mean squat. BTW, you’ll have to buy our partners’ stock if you want to beat inflation and maybe retire, pay a big chunk back to us in taxes, and send your kids out to die in some asinine war so our partners can make even more money!

  3. Petey Wheatstraw says:

    All three Branches of government and corporate interests have been partners for years. The usual suspects include all of the Big Bankers, Wall Street grifters, DoD contractors, the Insurance industry, Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Law, Big Security, and a select group of less prominent but equally filthy whores.

  4. 873450 says:

    WTF happened to this guy?

    “if these folks want a fight, it’s a fight I’m ready to have.”

    The “Volcker Rule” for Financial Institution
    Remarks by the President on Financial Reform

    “I’m proposing a simple and common-sense reform, which we’re calling the “Volcker Rule” — after this tall guy behind me. … If financial firms want to trade for profit, that’s something they’re free to do. … But these firms should not be allowed to run these hedge funds and private equities funds while running a bank backed by the American people.
    … my message to leaders of the financial industry is to work with us, and not against us … what we’ve seen so far, in recent weeks, is an army of industry lobbyists from Wall Street descending on Capitol Hill to try and block basic and common-sense rules of the road that would protect our economy and the American people.
    So if these folks want a fight, it’s a fight I’m ready to have. And my resolve is only strengthened when I see a return to old practices at some of the very firms fighting reform; and when I see soaring profits and obscene bonuses at some of the very firms claiming that they can’t lend more to small business, they can’t keep credit card rates low, they can’t pay a fee to refund taxpayers for the bailout without passing on the cost to shareholders or customers — that’s the claims they’re making. It’s exactly this kind of irresponsibility that makes clear reform is necessary.
    We’ve come through a terrible crisis. The American people have paid a very high price. We simply cannot return to business as usual. That’s why we’re going to ensure that Wall Street pays back the American people … we’re going to rein in the excess and abuse that nearly brought down our financial system … we’re going to pass these reforms into law.”

    Take away his empty rhetoric. POTUS Obama’s actual record is earning him a legacy as the staunchest defender of Wall Street criminality in U.S. history.

  5. emaij says:

    I am becoming more and more convinced that the S&L prosecutions were the anomaly.. and the lack of prosecutions JPMorgan is enjoying is the norm. The starts just happened to align during the S&L crisis. Bill Black happened to be a regulator. The Keating Five and the Reagan administration fought to avoid prosecutions… but America had a hero in place. The banking industry apparently learned its lesson. Regulatory capture is now complete. They will not make a Bill Black mistake again. More here:

  6. raholco says:

    Careful how you throw around the ‘whore’ label:

  7. DuchessGateau says:

    Wonderful. This would make an excellent column (an example of signal-to-noise deconfliction).

  8. andrearea says:

    On November 20, 2013, I went to the U.S. Department of Justice and did a “solo” protest. Very empowering way to take a stand against the partnership of the Corporations and U.S. Government. My poster read, “Department of Justice, you have not prosecuted any top-level bank executives. Why not?” ( a part quote/paraphrase from Senator Elizabeth Warren). This is an example of standing up for Justice in the face of the pillage of Americans by the joint partnership between the corporations and U.S. government. Please go to Occupy Department of Justice (Facebook) to see photographs and more info.