After half a century in the luxury, supercar business, Lamborghini is still making the kind of cars that dreams are made of — a precious handful a day. Scott Pelley reports.


What it feels like: 155 in a Lamborghini

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3 Responses to “Lamborghini Turns 50”

  1. PeterR says:

    Great clip on 60 Minutes, and Scott sure seemed to be enjoying himself. The instructor was so calm!

    Why then is one reminded of the phrase, “Nero fiddled while Rome burned” ?

    So much wealth next to so much poverty and starvation.

    A situation ripe for resolution.

    Peace on Earth.

  2. seth1066 says:

    We had an SV when I worked at Ed Waterman’s Thorobred Motorcars in Arlington, VA in the early 1980′s. About $40K back then. Never got it anywhere near 155, but it was one hell of a car. It was basically ignored, lost in a sea of our predominately Ferrari inventory. However, when it was finally sold years later it turned out to be quite an investment (like all vintage exotics that were on a “buy and hold” strategy).

  3. Livermore Shimervore says:

    I’m a member of forum where a professional athlete often complains about what jerk offs most Ferrari sales people are. “They really have convinced themselves that they are doing you a favor selling you one of their cars”. And apparently they make you buy cars on the lot before you get crack at a new offering. This prompted him to buy the new P1 Mclaren. Personally, I’d go for the Aventador, it’s one of the few super sports cars with at true manual transmission with an add on sequential shifter. Just like a real racing car. The shifts are a kick in the pants and take barely 50 ms at 1/5 the weight of a DCT like on most of the Ferraris and VW’s (aka Porsches)… and everyone and their sister have those.

    When an Aventador comes down the street even the guy in the 458 Ferrari stops to look.