Good Saturday morning. I’ve saved up my favorite longer form reads, expertly curated for your weekend reading pleasure:

Lowenstein: They Hate the Fed (NYR Books) (Film Review)
• Anyone can learn to be a polymath (Aeon)
• The President Wants You to Get Rich on Obamacare (NY Times)
• How the “Navy SEALs” of trading are taking on Wall Street’s predatory robots (Quartz)
• The Story Behind Why AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Fired An Employee In Front Of 1,000 Coworkers (Business Insider)
• 101 Objects that Made America (Smithsonian Magazine)
• Out of the picture: why the world’s best photo startup is going out of business (Verge)
Ender’s Game is a great book written by an odd author: Stranger in a Strange Land (Grantland)
• How the Owners of All 30 NBA Teams Made Their Money (Mental Floss)
• With their single ‘Get Lucky,’ Daft Punkgave 2013 its summer anthem (WSJ)

Whats up for the weekend?


Which Industry is Backing Your State Election
Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 6.00.46 PM
Source: Mother Jones


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14 Responses to “10 Weekend Reads”

  1. Truth2Power says:

    Barry, So nice to see that you have secured a writing position at one of our elite news institutions. I’ll bet it will open up all kinds of sources for you that you can hopefully share with us peons who have been following your insights, visiting your site and raising your profile’s ratings.
    I especially like your weekend reads section and visit it often. However, it is such a waste of my time to get sucked into a paywall by your links. Some of your loyal readers don’t have your vast fortune, or corporate sponsors’ access.
    Therefore, a modest request, Label the fuckin annoying paywall links you post, OK Mr. Bigshot- I-got-mine-and-you-can-go-to-readers-hell? Just kidding, but you get the gist.

    • Most of what I link to have either free registration (Economist, WaPo, LAT), or only moderate costs (NYT, WSJ, Barron’s). NYRB used to be free, dunno why that was only a partial.

      What was it that you could not access?

      • Truth2Power says:

        Barry, Thank you for your reply.
        The fascinating artcle “They Hate the Fed” at The New York Review of Books, had a wonderful lead-in that went far into the article before niggling you for 5 bucks to continue reading on a trial basis. This is simply low life skullduggery. Shame on them.
        Even “moderate costs” are always going to be an insurmountable barrier for some of your readers. However, free registrations are not an undue burden.

        I think you have noted pay-walls in the past, maybe this one just slipped under the radar.
        I believe you have even informed readers of required free registrations, no sweat. I even recall seeing hints that a pay-only article can be accessed “off-site” with the proper google search terms, again a very useful and informative service. Just asking for a heads up for the groundlings who follow your fascinating journey.

  2. hue says:

    The Politics of Lying and the Culture of Deceit in Obama’s America: The Rule of Damaged Politics (truthout)

    The Nazi Anatomists: How the corpses of Hitler’s victims are still haunting modern science—and American abortion politics (Slate)

    Chatting With Ricky Weirdo, Former NFL RB (Deadspin) “No one ever told me about the dangers of marijuana, or maybe they did and I just forgot. forgot because of the weed or blows to the head? now that’s a good question”

  3. swag says:

    @dbrodess, thank you for the pointer to that slide deck.

    Here’s how to deseed a pomegranate in 10 seconds:

  4. Jojo says:

    Big Geek Daddy
    Funny, Cool, and Interesting Videos
    Mont Blanc Speed Riding

    If you are the adventurous type and love the outdoors and extreme sports then Speed Riding Mont Blanc might just be for you. I’m pretty sure you have to have some serious skiing and parachuting skills for this sport which means I’ll be content watching others go down the mountain this way. If you like this watch another cool Speed Riding video.

  5. Jojo says:

    Video Friday: IROS 2013, Swarming Quadrotors, and Baxter Tries Not to Stab You
    By Erico Guizzo and Evan Ackerman
    Posted 8 Nov 2013 | 10:00 GMT

    IROS and iREX have been spectacular, but we’ve barely had time to sit down, much less write articles. And there’s still more to see: IROS wrapped up on Thursday, but we’re heading back for the last full day of iREX tomorrow. So, expect to see a lot more IROS news from us next week, but for now, we’ll get you caught up on (non-IROS) robot news from this week, and we’ll throw in some new IROS videos for good measure.

  6. willid3 says:

    which nation do you live in?

    self censorship

    now maybe it makes sense for both China and Bloomberg for this. but now that the cat is out of the bag so speak, it will make it a lot harder for any one to take seriously any thing published about China

  7. rd says:

    Five years on, it doesn’t sound like The Bernank is fully convinced that bad banks can be satisfactorily resolved without precipitating crisis:

    “In the crisis, the absence of an adequate resolution process for dealing with a failing SIFI left policy makers with only the terrible choices of a bailout or allowing a potentially destabilizing collapse,” Bernanke said. “A credible resolution mechanism for systemically important firms will be important for reducing uncertainty, enhancing market discipline, and reducing moral hazard.”

  8. rd says:

    Apparently, the US currently has more prisoners in state and federal prison than there are engineers, high school teachers, or construction workers. Half of prisoners are in jail for drug crimes.

    I don’t think the policy makers fully comprehend the impact that the War on Drugs is having on emplyment statistics. Once people end up in prison for drug felonies, their employment opportu nities drop like a rock when they get back out.

  9. Robert M says:

    I’ve given your venture a good week. I read Bloomberg extensively. Most of Bloomberg is noise.Your morning reads are now linked to noise. I do not know why you want to be associated w/ noise. If you are successful no will read Bloomberg if not you will become associated w/ noise. Lose lose is not what you are known for.