I am curious as to what readers are doing for travel in the upcoming holidays.

The way Christmas fell this year — the 25th of December is a Wednesday — sets up for a long 2 or even 3 weekend holiday. The kids last day of school is Friday, December 20th, and they don’t go back until Thursday, January 2nd. Some districts don’t have school starting again til Monday, January 6th! That seems like a long stretch.

What are you doing for the holidays?

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17 Responses to “What’s Your Holiday Travel Like ?”

  1. davebarnes says:

    stay at home
    like it

  2. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Getting interested about Dubai… But the arrival and departure times are true oddities!

  3. czyz99 says:

    Going to San Diego to see a friend and rent a cottage near the ocean. I really like the owner and his work. I will get to meet some of his friends or I can just chill. I like a little rain, so even if the weather isn’t perfect, I won’t mind. I’ll get a tiny tree and and a few ornaments. Get a little toasted. Do a little retirement scouting.

  4. MidlifeNocrisis says:

    Our daughter’s college semester classes end on the 20th. I’m loading up my daughter, wife, and parents the next day and we’re driving (well…. I’ll probably be doing the driving) to Idaho to visit our son in Idaho. Will be gone 9 days. It’s a 3,500 mile round trip. Hope gas prices stay down. :-)

    My parents have never been out so see our son since he graduated 2 years ago and got his job in Idaho.

  5. Frwip says:

    Europe for 3 or 4 weeks, catching up with the vacations I couldn’t take this summer because work, stuff, things and crap (argh).

  6. mpetrosian says:

    Traveling from Hawaii Island where I live to Maui and Lanai for family time from Dec 20-Dec 29. So much freedom and flexibility since leaving Merrill, life is awesome!!!

  7. I am going to Key West — never been there before

    • JimBobGA57 says:

      Diamonds in the (pretty) rough- Spent time in the keys last summer (for the 1st time in years) came to the conclusion that it really required homework & in-depth planning to have a good experience down there: most of the area is really trashy and mass-touristy, and you aren’t likely to find good food, lodging, etc. by chance.. Research a cozy base, find a good fishing guide (even if you don’t want to fish, per se, spend time on the water), you’ll enjoy it a lot.

    • czyz99 says:

      I was there in 1966, with the big chevy station wagon, Mom and 3 kids. And $400. I was 8 years old and I remember the key limes the most. Had never even seen one before, and ate so many it hurt. I saw a beautiful cowrie shell in a shop for $400. Remember thinking ‘If we bought that, we couldn’t get home’. Thanks for the nostalgia trip. Have fun and it might be a interesting place to revisit.

    • cowboyinthejungle says:

      I agree with JimBob, BR…whether you love it or return home disappointed, it’s on you. Without knowing much about your tastes, I’ll just add a few things…don’t overlook the museums and forts, and take a trip up the keys to see what they have to offer.

    • bear234 says:

      last winter did Palm Beach. with one hand reach for my bag the other the arm outstretched with the palm up. maybe that’s way it’s called palm beach.
      this year going to Cancun. Saw a deal here http://www.cancunsteve.com

  8. supercorm says:

    We are still debating. We lived overseas/Asia for 11 years, and always spent holidays somewhere else than home as the idea of traveling 20 hours to end up driving everyday to visit families was just too much.
    Now, we are back home, but still not looking forward driving everyday to eat meat pies and mash potatoes everyday with people you are forced to see once per year … so, so far, Peru to be on top of Machu Pichu on Jan 01, or Argentina, just to eat tons of meat with good wine !

  9. theexpertisin says:

    Three children, in transit soon to Oregon, Amman Jordan and Afghanistan to new military command posts and six grandchildren will be at our home for Christmas week.

    We will be attending Mass together on Christmas Eve. Merriment will be had after the religious intent of Christmas is honored.

    BR – you will enjoy Key West. Bring your best hangover cure with you.

  10. PaulBowe says:

    Sorry Barry, away for the holidays, won’t be able to babysit your charming children. But thanks for thinking of me all the same.

  11. rj chicago says:

    I stay home over the holidays period!!!
    Learned this from several years of traveling with the kids and the experience ALWAYS sucked!! Not with the fam per se – it was the airports, the airlines, the car rental companies, the baggage porters, the customers themselves – all A holes who could give a rats u know what about what I or the other beleguered (sp?) pax of the day needed. Then there is the unpredictability of the weather. I finally gave up on aggravating myself and my family and decided to relax, stay home, skype the folks and call it good.
    Merry Christmas!!

  12. GMC says:

    Leaving for an 11 day Antarctica trip on November 26th. Then we travel Patagonia (Southern Chile and Argentina) for 12 days prior to seeing the Iguazu Falls in Northern Argentina for 2 days. Arrive back just before xmas.

    The scenery in Patagonia is simply unbelievable. Google images for the Pietro Moreno Glacier. If you’re interested in a couple of the many scenic hikes in Patagonia open Google Earth and check these out (just copy and paste both the latitudes and longitudes at the same time in to the Google Earth search field):

    Starting point at Camp Paine Grande: 51°04’19.55″ S 73°05’34.15″ W
    Hike to the back of Valle Frances: 50°58’36.97″ S 73°03’33.96″ W
    End hike at the Los Cuernos cabins (they actually have a hot tub there!): 51°01’25.82″ S 72°59’07.54″ W

    Starting point at Camp Paine Grande: 51°04’19.55″ S 73°05’34.15″ W
    Turn around point at Glacier Grey: 50°59’06.37″ S 73°11’00.34″ W

    Tip: Use your mouse or the upper right North / Eye indicator to view the hikes in 3D.

  13. monica40 says:

    Going to our new vacation home in Homosassa, FL…swim with the manatees, eat too much, visit with our american cousins, and enjoy what the US has to offer.