Here’s what I’m reading on the way to the office:

• FOMC Meeting Something of a Nailbiter (Tim Duy’s Fed Watch)

• Twerking, Nelson Mandela, ‘How to tie a tie’: Google’s top searches of 2013 (Today) see also Google Trends — Top Charts (Google)

• Tech bubble? What’s different from 2000 (Fidelity)

• Did the Housing Market Already Digest Higher Mortgage Rates? (Reformed Broker) but see Housing Market Setting Up for Another Crash (EconMatters)


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8 Responses to “10 Midweek AM Reads”

  1. hue says:

    Your Boss Wants To Be Nate Silver (Salon)

    Why the 9-to-5 Day Is So Tough on Creative Workers (The Atlantic)

    How The Media Will Report The Apocalypse (Buzzfeed)

    • Anonymous Jones says:

      Those were great links, hue. I read all of them!

      The writer on the Nate Silver one got a little ahead of himself, though, in his opening example. I’m definitely in the ‘stat geek’ camp for the NBA, but it seems silly to ‘exult’ over the Rudy Gay trade. By my count, just as many teams traded *for* Rudy Gay as those that traded *away* Rudy Gay. It’s just like in the markets we discuss here, for every buyer there’s a seller and every seller, a buyer. The price for Rudy Gay’s contract does not strike me as evidence of a fire sale.

  2. swag says:

    Bloomberg’s Favorite Toy
    Inside the billionaire’s quixotic, costly, and strangely milquetoast foray into opinion journalism

  3. VennData says:

    The cut the Taper, but say rates will star their raise later.

    We’ll see. ROFL.

    Sell, your bonds get in there and sell!

  4. willid3 says:

    coming soon. the 401k version of your health insurance?

    companies are thinking that in the next 3 or so years that they will convert their current health insurance benefit into some thing that resembles your 401k. and some name companies are already converting their retirees to these plans. is this a reaction to Obamacare? no, its more likely a reaction to the high cost of health care in general. even before it, companies were wanting to eliminate health care benefits.

  5. willid3 says:

    sue a customer because they complained? really / wonder how well that works out

  6. VennData says:

    Another market high. It can’t be! I know… it isn’t! The market isn’t up!!! That’s it!!! Watch more Fox!!!