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10 MidWeek PM Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On December 11, 2013 @ 4:30 pm In Markets | Comments Disabled

My afternoon train reading:

• Household net worth hits record high in third quarter (Reuters [1])
• Bargains Beckon Funds to European Equities (Bloomberg [2]) see also A Snapshot of a Pricey Stock Market (Barron’s [3])
• The Hedge Fund Way: Pay More, to Get Less, and Be Unable to Access Your Money (Businessweek [4])
• If You Only Know 5 Things About Investing, Make It These (Motley Fool [5]) see also Overcoming an Aversion to Loss (NY Times [6])
• Celebrations of Too Big to Fail’s Demise Are Premature (Bloomberg [7])
• Google’s Road Map to Global Domination (NY Times [8]) see also The Googlization of the Far Right: Why is Google Funding Grover Norquist, Heritage Action and ALEC? (PR Watch [9])
• New York Asks Cellphone Carriers to Explain Why They Rejected Antitheft Switch (NY Times [10])
• How to stop the robots from taking all our jobs: A Q&A with Noah Smith (AEI Ideas [11]) see also Wage subsidies (Not Quite Noahpinion [12])
• America’s Economy Is Officially Inside-Out (Harvard Business Review [13])
• Fiat Said to Spend $12 Billion for Made-in-Italy Luxury (Bloomberg [14])


What are you reading?


Who Met the Most With Regulators to Try and Shape the Volcker Rule? Big Banks.

Source: Sunlight Foundation [15]

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