My afternoon train reading:

• Cheer Up: World Growth Is Accelerating (Bloomberg) see also The Myth of America’s Decline: Why the ‘Declinists’ Are Wrong (Again) (Yahoo Finance)
• Why investors are more bullish about the S&P 500 than Goldman and other analysts (MarketWatch)
• Bubbles: No One Has Any Idea What’s Going On (Motley Fool) see also Let Fear Be Your Friend in the Market (Forbes)
• Does a Federal Reserve taper even matter for stocks? (CNBC)
• Microsoft’s Apple Investment: The Worst Deal of Them All? (Businessweek)
Yay! Less than half of 1996! For IPOs, 2013 Nears Busiest Year Since Dot-Com Era (WSJ)
• The Volcker rule is nearly finished. Here’s how we’ll know if it’s any good. (Washington Post) see also Near a Vote, Volcker Rule Is Weathering New Attacks (DealBook)
• By George, Britain’s Austerity Experiment Didn’t Work! (New Yorker)
• On Mars, an Ancient Lake and Perhaps Life (NY Times)
• China Mobile Adds the iPhone Follow-up (stratēchery)

What are you reading?


Greece has lost more than one-fifth of its pre-crisis economy

Source: Quartz


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11 Responses to “10 Monday PM Reads”

  1. Casual_Observer says:

    Perhaps you’ve already addressed this and I’ve missed it. If so, I am sorry, but, where is my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide? I’ve bought something off each of your past two lists. I’m running out of time here . . .

  2. swag says:

    The Mother of All Demos: The 1968 presentation that sparked a tech revolution

    On December 9, 1968, Dr. Douglas Engelbart addressed a packed theater at the Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco, demonstrating a new computing platform that heralded advancements from the computer mouse to videoconferencing. Forty-five years later, we’re still reaping the benefits of his vision.

  3. willid3 says:

    the redo of the mortgage mess?

    only this has been running a lot longer?

    paper work? I dont need no stinkin paperwork

    • catclub says:

      Not until violating broker-dealer regulations also inflates some asset class out of reason. It has been business as usual. The article even mentions Bernie Madoff – whose fraud was also not big enough to make any particular ripple in the economy.

  4. willid3 says:

    so why is labor in free fall?

    another theory maybe?

  5. willid3 says:

    course only APPLE would get away with disrupting its own business. cause their MAC business is almost as much as decline (if not more) than the PC business is. and its actually pretty simple why that is. its the price. both the PC and especially the MAC are much higher priced. and with the majority not needing what they can do, they will suffer.

  6. Bob A says:

    you know you’ve made it when BI copies your posts (jk)

  7. DiggidyDan says:

    Thinkpiece on if the 40 hr workweek was designed to keep us ever eager to submit to our corporate masters:

    Personally, I think it’s a bit conspiracy theory and simplification, but the overall trend of corporations vs. labor is a valid factor. They don’t think of you on an individual scale and are not conspiring against you, but the nuanced trend towards capital & corporations vs. people is definitely holding the everyman down.