The year is winding down, people are getting ready for the holidays, and I am working on my last few columns of the year for Bloomberg view. Since my first column on Nov. 4, you have been very welcoming and encouraging and stimulating. I am thrilled with this platform and its readers; Teaser: I have some pretty wicked things planned for 2014.

In the meanwhile, I have a few random thoughts that I like to share every now and again. These are 10 things that have me wondering, thinking and, generally, curious about.

1. The other day, I heard someone describe incoming Federal Reserve chairman Janet Yellen as “Bernanke 2.0.” But that’s really missing the bigger picture, isn’t it? If that truly your view, wouldn’t it be far more accurate to call her “Greenspan 3.0?”

2. SAC: I am astonished to hear people say that the prosecution of Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital described as a witch hunt. The nicest thing I can say about SAC is that its supervision is a gnarled mess of poor oversight and failure. Add to it the incredible pressures applied to its traders, and voilà! — you get lots of insider trading. How much? Prosecutors have won 77 of 87 cases they have brought against SAC. Witch hunt? Some folks just care for the rule of law, I guess.


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8 Responses to “Random Things I Have Been Thinking About”

  1. WickedGreen says:

    Wicked things in 2014? Excellent! Make ‘em Green, for it is indeed an “era of great change” on this little rock.

    Speaking of, the implications of #7 are in equal measure hilarious and terrifying.

  2. dbrodess says:

    Love the 2014 predictions.

  3. sgg39 says:

    BR, I’m a semi-novice addicted to TBG. It’s aggregation of pertinent info is remarkable. Is one of the surprises for 2014 this: Just as with FT & WSJ, to access TBP, will there be a subscription fee? If not as expensive as WSJ, I’ll be on board.

    Best to you in the New Year!!

  4. catman says:

    Regarding the holiday reading list I just finished Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge which included a hat tip to the technology that is costing Target so much grief just now. Also bought my grandson 90% of Everything, partly in hope that I can mooch it later.

  5. jbb says:

    Holiday reading recommendation: Brothers by Yu Hua. An astonishing work of fiction.

  6. scm0330 says:

    I think a stealthy Great Rotation has been under way throughout 2013. Money has left bond funds, and has flowed to both domestic and international equity funds. (ICI is one source of data.)

  7. FrViper says:

    Don’t care about the tech estimates of 2014, James Madison had it correct whether there were phones/computers or not. Human nature hasn’t changed and we’ll dive off some man made cliff without hesitation. Merry Christmas and enjoy the respite.