Good Sunday morning . . . Pour a hot cup of black, pull up a chair, and enjoy some brain stimulation:

• Inside the mind of Marc Andreessen (Fortune)
• How to Lower Your 2013 Tax Bill (WSJ)
• Is your boss an Empty Suit ? (Farnam Street) see also Sorry, Folks, Rich People Actually Don’t ‘Create The Jobs’ (Business Insider)
• The US capital stock: old and busted, but why? (FT Alphaville)
• Four Keys to Great Customer Service (Bloomberg)
• Sentient code: An inside look at Stephen Wolfram’s utterly new, insanely ambitious computational paradigm (Venture Beat)
• The Most Overvalued And Undervalued Housing Markets In The Developed World (Business Insider) see also Rent Relative to House Prices in High Income Countries (Marc to Market)
• Do-Nothing Congress Dithers on Budget as Deadline Nears (Bloomberg)
• The Neuroscientist Who Discovered He Was a Psychopath (Smithsonian Magazine)
• Every Little Thing—John Heilpern on the Beatles’ early years (WSJ)

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CNBC Core Viewership Drops to Fresh Two Decade Low

Source: Zero Hedge


Category: Markets

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14 Responses to “10 Sunday Reads”

  1. jacobsk says:

    The CNBC viewership chart has some similarity with the VIX chart from 1995 to current, so does more volatility increase viewers?

    • Do hurricanes increase viewership to the weather channel?

      • sailorman says:

        Yes, any anxiety producing weather increases the viewership. That’s why the lower standards for named storms and the use of real feel instead of temperature.

    • rd says:

      We had bubbles in optimism, pessimism and 25-54 year old investors at various points over the past 20 years. This looks like a pretty good graphic to identify those.

      It looks like we are bubble-free at the moment (although over-valued – not the same thing).

  2. RW says:

    The Minimum We Can Do

    The idea of fairness has been at the heart of wage standards since their inception. This is evident in the very name of the legislation that established the minimum wage in 1938, the Fair Labor Standards Act. When Roosevelt sent the bill to Congress, he sent along a message declaring that America should be able to provide its working men and women “a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.” And he tapped into a popular sentiment years earlier when he declared, “No business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country.”

    Shorter: There is scant evidence a higher minimum wage prevents or inhibits employment and abundant evidence it helps reduce poverty.

    Issues of fairness aside, the entire notion of “work as a pathway out of poverty” is simply bullshit unless a living wage is in fact attainable (probably along with other supports at the lowest income levels).

  3. theexpertisin says:

    Rich People Don’t Create Jobs:

    Blodget is taking general cues from Warren and H. Clinton – rich people didn’t build that/it takes a village.

    Perhaps, but the wrecking balls in the White House and Congress are the Mafia, extorting kickbacks from builders and putting hits on those in the village who question their reign. The Mafia decision makers are inordinately wealthy rich people, yes?

    • Bob is still unemployed   says:

      Does demand create supply? Or does supply create demand?

      I lean more towards the former than the latter.

      No matter how large the supply that trickles down upon the consumers, there will be no demand if the customers have no money to spend.

      imho, of course.

  4. Molesworth says:

    December 1, 2013 at 11:14 am
    Perhaps, but the wrecking balls in the White House and Congress are the Mafia, extorting kickbacks from builders and putting hits on those in the village who question their reign. The Mafia decision makers are inordinately wealthy rich people, yes?


  5. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    A change of pace from the usual Sunday morning oatmeal, bacon and eggs for brunch today. As I munch, I’m looking through 10 Secrets of Grand Central Terminal (Photos) . (

    “Grand Central Terminal, in the heart of New York City, opened 100 years ago and it holds secrets that millions of travelers and visitors have never known. Here are 10 of the most intriguing secrets of the largest train terminal in the world. …”

  6. Jojo says:

    America Finds a New Thanksgiving Tradition in #WalmartFights
    By Jon Eiseman November 29, 2013

    Not only are Black Friday sales less than they’re cracked up to be, the day-after-Thanksgiving national shop-a-thon is getting dangerous.

    Starting late on Thursday night, Anonymous-linked Twitter account @YourAnonNews began encouraging Twitter users to document fights seen outside retailers open for for the holiday using the hashtag #WalmartFights. The hashtag began to trend nationally around 11 pm EST, as scuffles around the country were Tweeted, Instagrammed, and Vined.

  7. Jojo says:

    Whale watching or human watching? :)
    Santa Cruz kayakers agog over whales (22-pic gallery)
    Posted on November 30, 2013 | By Tom Stienstra

    For a paddler, having a whale rising up next to you is like sitting in an electric chair, not a kayak.

    Giancarlo Thomae, a naturalist, marine biologist and photographer, captured this amazing series of photos in the past month of humpback whales lunge feeding and rising breaches, tail salutes, pectoral waves and chin slaps.

    “You just hang out and the whales come right up to you,” he said of the episodes off Capitola, Santa Cruz and Moss Landing.

    Two weeks ago, Thomae counted 50 humpback whales a short distance offshore.


  8. hue says:

    I Want to Be Friends With Republicans (NYTimes) Which of the 11 American Nations Do You Live In? (WaPo)

    Here’s Why Wall Street Has a Hard Time Being Ethical (the guardian) A new report finds 53% of financial services executives say that adhering to ethical standards inhibits career progression at their firm. A former Wall Street trader describes why …

    Hundreds Killed In Brutal Pro-Something–Anti-Something Clash (The Onion)