My afternoon train reading:

• Bull Market Shows No Sign of Death With Yellen Support (Bloomberg) but see The Stock Market Is At An All-Time High — Here’s Why So Many Americans Don’t Care (Business Insider)
• Companies Boost U.S. Payrolls by Most in a Year (Bloomberg)
• Rogoff: What’s the Problem With Advanced Economies? (Project Syndicate) but see An astonishing, but very British, recovery (FT)
• US will end ‘too big to fail’, says Jack Lew (FT)
• When teaching econ, start with the parts that work (Not Quite Noahpinion) see also Colleges are teaching economics backwards (WaPo)
• Why wirehouse advisers should become an RIA (Investment News)
• Why the stupid think they’re smart (Mind Hacks) see also Why Our Brains Make Us Click on Lists (New Yorker)
• Dilbert creator Scott Adams: Simplifiers and Optimizers  (BoingBoing)
• Why We Fail (Farnam Street)
• More signed up for Obamacare in first two days of December than in all of October (Washington Post) see also The Obamacare counterattack begins (Wonkbook)

What are you reading?


Funds of Hedge Funds Come With Heaps of Fees

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  1. Singmaster says:

    New Montier white paper
    No Silver Bullets in Investing
    (just old snake oil in new bottles)
    James Montier

    Excuse link if it does not work. Paper can be found at after registering.