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10 Thursday Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On December 5, 2013 @ 9:36 am In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

Goedemorgen, here is what I found interesting this AM:

• Too Bullish for Comfort (Barron’s [1])
Sheila Bair: Is BlackRock too big to fail? (Fortune [2])
• Ultra-Low Interest Rates: Who Wins? Who Loses? (Conversable Economist [3])
• Why the Dollar Dominates, and Why That’s Not All Good (WSJ [4]) see also Stiglitz: An Agenda to Save the Euro (Project Syndicate [5])
REITS, Brokers & Conflicts: The ghost of private placements past (Investment News [6])
• Home Buyers Are Scarce, So Renters Take Their Place (NY Times [7])
• How to Burst the “Filter Bubble” that Protects Us from Opposing Views (MIT Technology Review [8])
NSFW!: The Porn Industry Goes Social With PinSex (Fast Company [9])
• Apple, China Mobile Sign Deal to Offer iPhone (stratēchery [10])
• 5 New Rules of the Office Holiday Party (Fox Business [11])

What are you reading?


Forward Price / Earnings Ratios By Sector
Source: The Reformed Broker [13]

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