Here are my home from EU zone afternoon reads

• Companies Boost U.S. Payrolls by Most in a Year (Bloomberg)
• Americans are bingeing less on houses and more on cars (Quartz) see also The ageing of Americans’ things (Reuters)
• Checking in on the “Yale Model” (Above the Market)
• Yuan Passes Euro as 2nd-Most Used Trade-Finance Currency (Bloomberg) see also Where did the saving glut go? (Antonio Fatas on the Global Economy)
• Housing boom and bust lesson still not sinking in (Reuters)
• What Neuroscience Says About The Link Between Creativity And Madness (Fast Company)
• The Secrets Of A Memorable Infographic (Fast Company)
• Amazon Promises Package Delivery By Drone: Is It for Real? (IEEE Spectrum)
• A 31-Year-Old Is Tearing Apart the Heritage Foundation (New Republic)
• American Schools vs. the World: Expensive, Unequal, Bad at Math (The Atlantic)
• 10 Secrets of Grand Central Terminal  (Epoch Times)

What are you reading?


The EU Goes Positive 2 Qs in a Row
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8 Responses to “10 Wednesday PM Reads”

  1. hue says:

    Will Legal Pot Hurt the Booze Business? (Alternet)

    Why the stupid think they’re smart (Mind Hacks)

    After Renting Out a Terrace, An Eviction Notice (NYTimes)

  2. RW says:

    Brazil’s markets deteriorating on rising uncertainty

    Brazil’s economy contracted in the 3d quarter for the first time since the Great Recession. This was not entirely unexpected, though the drop was worse than economists had estimated.

  3. rd says:

    More signs of the apocalypse, this time from the sports world instead of Congress:
    Who wants beer and nachos at 9:30 am?
    Next thing you know, Obama will have Edward Snowden over for beers and a night in the Lincoln Bedroom.