The NSA gives unprecedented access to the agency’s HQ and, for the first time, explains what it does and what it says it doesn’t do: spy on Americans

Inside the NSA


The Snowden Affair


How did 60 Minutes get cameras into a spy agency?


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12 Responses to “60 Minutes: NSA speaks out on Snowden, spying”

  1. BennyProfane says:

    I had to go over and turn of the damn TV after that piece of propaganda droned on and on. If there is any clear evidence of how our major media outlets are slaves to the power elites in DC, that was it.

    • WickedGreen says:

      Mein Gott, you got that right.

      I kept it on for the chuckles and sighs. A Rubik’s cube? Seriously?

      The segment should be forever memorialized in the Museum of MSM Inanity.

  2. ilsm says:

    All those (30-40 of them) middle aged, high ranking civilains in a “stand-up” twice a week. Standing keeps the “avoidable” chatter to a minimum. Cure for the “too long meeting syndrom”.

    President Muffley could have used it, Kubrick had neve met a real Army four star. How would Strangelove have stood it?

    Expensive bureaucracy!

  3. stonedwino says:

    What a puff piece! The MSM is “fluffing” the NSA? Who is buying this shit? Come on man…

  4. NoKidding says:

    … and if you belive all that, I want to tell you about this bridge that’s been in my family for many years. Its really a nice one, but for personal reasons I need to part ways with it. I’ve got a special deal, but I’m looking for just the right buyer…

  5. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    I have only one question about that show — how much of what the NSA said is the truth?

    The NSA have lied to the American people so much and for so long, why is this time the one time they decide to tell the truth?

    (OK, that was two questions. :) )

  6. elpostino says:

    It took so many months for the NSA to come up with an excuse and their version of fabricated story to save their face. I don’t think anybody would believe their account of story just like any other DC office including made up employment numbers

  7. zman1527 says:

    That was pretty amazing, what a piece of trash “news” report. They challenged none of the NSA assertions, when interviewing known liars. And they let them get away with some whoppers. Last time that I ever tune in to 60 minutes.

  8. John Miller is a shill for the NSA . . . his connections to the industry makes it impossible for him to do an objective story . . . not a single critic of our surveillance practices was interviewed . . . 60 Minutes provided little more than a hit piece on Snowden and PR for the NSA.

  9. louiswi says:

    History is certain to record that Edward Snowden is a national hero. He apparently has much more to tell so it will be interesting to see how he is handled going forward. Any guesses?

  10. postpartisandepression says:

    It is so refreshing to read the comments here as opposed to what I hear in MSM and even NPR (that so called liberal bastion of lefties).

    Snowden is a hero and I can only hope the judge that ruled today on the invasion of privacy will prevail.

  11. Jojo says:

    This NSA piece was clearly damage control facilitated by 60 Minutes.

    60 Minutes has really declined in content quality in the last year or two. They need to reboot the show.