Despite having to paying millions or even billions of dollars in fines, many companies look at the payments as just the cost of doing business.

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2 Responses to “Business Behaving Badly”

  1. A says:

    Nothing new in today’s ethics-free business environment.

  2. 873450 says:

    Screenplay excerpt from TRAFFIC (2000) written by Stephen Gaghan

    Arrested drug trafficker explaining cartel business plan to DEA agents:
    (condescending, with disdain)
    “Using regression analysis we made a study of the customs lanes at the border and calculated the odds of a search. The odds are not high, and we found variables that reduce the odds. We hire drivers with nothing to lose. Then we throw a lot of product at the problem. Some get stopped. Enough get through. It’s not difficult. This has worked for years and it will continue to work for years. … You people are like those Japanese soldiers left behind on deserted islands who think that World War II is still going on. Let me be the first to tell you, your government surrendered this war a long time ago.”