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2 Responses to “Democracy, Redistribution, and Inequality”

  1. FrViper says:

    Barry, all I can say is: Holy Shit!! Did these guys ever strive to succeed?? It’s about what’s in your gut and did you strive to improve by building on what you have and what you want? Yes, democracy will not put you in a nitch that you can’t get out of, if you don’t want to. I washed dishes when no-one wanted to, but took home more food than I could eat. I chaufferred a wonderful older woman, who directed me to new opportunities. The Navy taught me discipline and gave me educational opportunities. Night school gave me a degree that others didn’t have, but could have achieved! Doing what others wouldn’t do and risking, opened up new opportunities, that other’s figured was ‘just luck’.
    Democracy allows us to fail and if you have the ‘fire’ , it allows you to get up and move on! Yes, you can be ‘victimized’ and feel sorry for yourself – or, you can get up and fight on. that success is even ‘sweeter”. I only hope we can inject that ‘hunger’ in our grandchildren, our children have got the message. God bless America and may we stay free, free to choose, and free to create that opportunity for all.