It’s that the time of the year when you probably want to pick up a bauble or two for your favorite trader, fund manager or analyst.

Sure, I may make fun of Shopmas and our mad consumerist society, but every now and again, I like to remind those folks who have been nice that their efforts are appreciated.

A quick disclosure: All of the items on this list were hand selected by humble author (without interference or suggestion by the legions of PR weenies who darken my email box). I receive no compensation for these recommendations. The links to Amazon generate data (which we will discuss at a future date) as well as a modest referral fee – which I will donate to charity.

On with the gifts!

Under $50 Dollars:

• Wall Street Movies: After a long day at the desk, what’s more relaxing than kicking back and watching a movie about investing or trading? Here are 4 flicks for your favorite keyboard jockey:

- Eddie Murphy Trading Places ($9) Only tangentially related to trading, but filled with lots of oft quoted lines, this comedy is good for everyone.

- Wall Street ($10) Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel. Dated, but watchable. Skip the 2010 version — its awful.

- Boiler Room ($6) Know a retail stock jockey? This gritty flick will show him what the bad old days were like in the land of penny stocks. A cautionary tale with a great cast.

- Margin Call ($7)This 2011 film set during the financial crisis has already been called the greatest Wall Street movie ever made.

• Music of the Season

- Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas ($8)
Ella at the top of her game made what is simply the best holiday disc ever recorded. If this disc doesn’t make you smile, you are a hopeless grinch. Spike a cup of coffee with some Kahlua or Baileys and put this on. Enjoy.

- Charlie Brown Christmas, Vince Guaraldi: Original SoundTrack CBS Television Special ($7)
Guaraldi has a delightful way around a keyboard — quirky, humorous piano playing that warms the soul. You cannot listen to this without breaking into a smile. This jazz collection exudes pure holiday magic. Along with Ella, this may be one of all time favorite holiday albums.

- A Jolly Christmas From Frank Sinatra ($7)
This 1957 is a great addition to any holiday music collection. I love the first cut, Frank’s version of Jingle Bells. The rest is very traditional, very 50′s. A perfect gift for the hipster with the soul patch in your trading room. No holiday collection is complete without this Sinatra holiday album.

- A Winter’s Solstice: Windham Hill Artists ($11)
Is your trader dude stressed out? Then he needs to pour himself a stiff drink, and chill out to this collection of acoustically rooted mellowness. The upside is this music will help him slow down relax from the day’s tensions. The downside is his heart may not realize this is supposed to occur in Humans and assume he is dead.


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4 Responses to “Holiday Gift Ideas: Traders, Investors and Analysts!”

  1. tlittell says:

    Is anyone else getting an error 404 when trying to make the jump to bloomberg? Barry, help.

  2. Bam_Man says:

    Yeah, the Sinatra Christmas album – especially the “J-I-N-G-L-E Bells” track – brings back lots of memories. My mom used to play that album every holiday season as far back as I can remember.

    Perry Como, Nat King Cole and Barbra Streisand were also on the “HiFi” every Christmas. Streisand’s Christmas album is not generally regarded as a “classic”, but it should be.