From Quartz:

While executives at many top companies make top dollar, the typical employee at corporations like McDonald’s, Gap, Target, and Walmart still earns minimum wage, or something barely above it. The disparity is alarming. CEOs of American companies now earn some 270 times what the average worker makes.

Source: Quartz

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8 Responses to “How many months it takes an average worker to earn what the CEO makes in an hour”

  1. Stock Soup says:

    Back of the envelope
    Tim Cook received stock in 2011 worth today $510,000,000 (
    Divide by 3 years = 170,000,000 per year
    Divide by 2,088 work hours per year = 81,417 per hour
    Avg Apple retail worker = $15 / hour ( )

    I did that really fast, I hope I didn’t make an error
    I have to run
    can someone figure out how many months for worker to equal cook’s pay? thanks

    • Stock Soup says:

      I was doing average RETAIL worker, my error, however, I’m still guessing Cook is highest relative pay of all the above

      • Stock Soup says:

        in any case, the average retail employer would have to work 34 months, almost 3 years, to earn what Tom Cook made in one hour since his 2011 stock grant.

        that may not be exactly “fair” (pun!), the grant may have been for past work, maybe he won’t get another for several years, etc.

  2. Giskard says:

    Would love to see this compared with CEOs vs average workers in Japanese companies.

  3. 4MYGRANDKIDS says:

    I’d like to see what he did with that much money that actually boosted the economy to create jobs.

  4. ascottusa says:

    Check back in 5 or 10 years when robots do most of the minimum wage jobs and sure enough the average wage will indeed be $15+ for those who remain. These numbers will look much ‘better’ then (except for those who no longer have a job).

  5. castamererains says:

    Most interested to see how this has changed over time. What was the equivalent figure in 1980, 1990, or 2000? Do believe the growth in income inequality is a very pressing societal problem. That said, do NOT believe government/taxation is the right tool to fix it.