NASA’s 6-Foot Valkyrie Humanoid Robot Will Rescue You From Buildings

Source: fastcompany

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2 Responses to “NASA’s 6-Foot Valkyrie Humanoid Robot”

  1. S Brennan says:

    NASA represents 0.5% of the national budget and produces billions/trillions in annual revenues for the nation. If you support budget cuts to NASA, you support the imposition of poverty upon your fellow countrymen. Double NASA’s budget and your stock portfolio will profit accordingly.

  2. noahmckinnon says:

    “Really capable”? He talks about how they really wanted to design the appearance of the robot so that when you saw it, you said, wow that’s awesome! Dude, stop wasting time on useless crap like the Iron Man chest light and focus on getting that thing to do more than try to operate a wheel valve in under 2 hours (how many battery packs does that take?). Boston Dynamics’ has some good videos of their biped “Petman” negotiating obstacles. It’s ugly but they show it undergoing legitimate challenges.