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6 Responses to “Nasdaq 4000: Why This Time Is Different”

  1. 4whatitsworth says:

    Having lived through this as a tech company I remember everyone saying how it was different this time and how this was a one time opportunity to buy the future. IT salaries and stocks were going crazy if you could spell Y2K you could make 10 million dollars! What is also an interesting memory is that the crash was not caused by valuations crossing a line it was caused by the Sep 11 terrorist attacks.

  2. rd says:

    It has been good to see that the NASDAQ has redefined the P/E ratio from Price to Eyeballs to Price to Earnings over the past decade.

  3. boveri says:

    Another way it is different is Amazon, Google and Apple. These companies have enormous free capital, in the case if Amazon profits, to deploy and are taking aim at the core economy with “moonshot” investments.

  4. profoundlogic says:

    Yes, this time is different. BTFATH because stocks are reasonably priced. Joe Weisentool says so too, so it must be true. Just be sure to save me a seat at the back of the room. When this comical farce blows up in the Fed’s face, I don’t want to be trampled in the exodus. I’d like to have a running start.

  5. rd says:

    Another reason This Time is Different is that laws were enforced after the bubble.

    DOJ and SEC are suddenly waking up to the cold twin realizations that statutes of limitations are expiring on the financial crisis and the public is not happy that nobody was prosecuted for destroying the world’s financial system:

  6. DarthVader'sMentor says:

    You guys buy more equities…..I’ll take Lauren Lyster instead!