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One Response to “Shiller vs Fama: Nobel Winning Economists Disagreement Goes to 11”

  1. RW says:

    Way back in university my program adviser told me to take required math courses in the science department rather than the math department even though either was acceptable for degree. When I asked why he said that the problems in math as well as many of the approaches it favored (e.g., axioms, proofs) might give a science student bad habits.

    After some thought he then added, if possible, avoid taking math from physics professors too. When I expressed some astonishment at this he basically said, well, they’re certainly empirical enough so that’s good but naturally tend to favor simpler, causal systems and you need more work in complex and emergent systems.

    Schiller talks like a physicist, Fama seems more like a mathematician. Nothing wrong with any of that, JMO.