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3 Responses to “Panama Canal Expansion Study”

  1. rj chicago says:

    A couple of comments:
    a) A source to see what is occurring in Panama is a site called the “Panama Perspective”. Some is a bit of a self sell by a realtor down there but he in my reading has a good finger on the pulse there. Name of the guy that maintains that site is Tom Brymer – an expat.
    b) For a great and I mean GREAT read on the canal – David McCullogh’s book on the canal – out some 10 or so years ago is really informative – if you have not read it – DO SO.

    And finally – though I don’t always agree with you (I am more conservative than many on this site) I ALWAYS appreciate your commentary, the links, your analysis etc. Keep it coming in the New Year!!

    Peace in the New Year to you.

  2. plm128 says:

    Why no mention of Edward Teller’s 1964 plan to build a second Panama Canal by exploding 300 nuclear warheads – would that have been a bad idea?

  3. flocktard says:

    I’m actually going to READ this. There was a short clip on Bloomberg TV today about the implications of getting these larger vessels (no need for Panamax ships anymore) through the Panama Canal. West Coast ports might be bypassed and the trucking and rail firms that haul from there could get hammered. And with Port Arthur becoming an energy export zone, that might mean some big things for refiners. This could be a huge deal- almost as big as the Canal itself in terms of global trade.