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4 Responses to “State Gun Laws Enacted in the Year Since Newton”

  1. supercorm says:

    Problem in the gun law battle is that we are always waiting for a mass shootout event to start a discussion that always ends the same, one side saying no guns would be better, the other saying if everybody was armed then the shooter would have been immobilized immediately.

    Things we forget is that its a simple math issue. Very few people dies as the result of shootouts. About 30,000 people die every year by a firearm. Its not always a murder, its often the result of a accident, or a suicide. 30,000 per year is more than 80 deaths per day. Thats 2 or 3 mass shootout equivalent, EVERY DAY ! But we never hear of those because its one death here and there, not enough sensational.

    30,000 deaths per day, the direct result of more firearms. Simple math. More guns, more deaths. Same for cars … more cars, more car accidents. Simple math …

  2. dsawy says:

    The problem with the “more guns = more deaths” theory is that the data don’t support it.

    Firearms deaths by firearm, either homicide or suicide, peaked in the early 90′s and have declined 49% since then:

    There is no correlation of “more guns = more crime” much less “more guns = more deaths by gun.” If that were true, then we here in Wyoming would have a rate of homicide higher than Chicago, where until recently they had a complete ban on firearms. In fact, the homicide rate by firearm in Wyoming (the state where over 60% of households have a gun in them) is lower than some Canadian provinces.

    • supercorm says:

      Your talking homicides only. The 30,000 deaths include “non homicide” deaths. Same for personal land mine in Cambodia. The more there is, the more likely someone will step on one at some point, and it wont be accounted for in the “homicide” column.

  3. Scott Teresi says:

    We seem to be way down with the second- and third-world countries when it comes to homicides (and also total gun deaths) per 100,000 people: