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Monster Energy Presents a film by Tim Boydell and Reubyn Ash, documenting 3, 50 degree, dusty days at the Wadi Adventure Wave Pool in Al Ain near Dubai. In what is regarded as ‘one of the best wave pools in the world’, Reubyn Ash Had three days to see what he could do. Nestled in the foot hills of the Jebel Hafeet mountain range, the Wadi Adventure Wave Pool set the scene for 3 days of non-stop surfing in this rare and unique location.

What is truly possible when nature is set to one side and instinct is replaced with passion, determination and skill?

Tim Boydell and Monster Energy’s Reubyn Ash set about documenting their adventure into the Arabian desert with this question in mind. If actions speak louder than words then Reubyn’s surfing speaks for itself.

Reubyn Ash “one of the oddest things was losing the ‘random’ not surfing by instinct and momentary changes in the sea, it actually made surfing this wave harder!…but once you had the wave dialled in…the possibilities felt endless. I just wish I could go back for a week!”

Directed – Filmed – Edited : Tim Boydell
Second Unit : Joel Gray
Talent : Reubyn Ash
Music : Produced for Desert ASH by BOYDE

Category: Sports, Weekend

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4 Responses to “Surfs Up! A “Real” Artificial Wave”

  1. hankest says:

    First, that was is mediocre at best (and i surf on Long Island, so i know mediocre waves). A few lip slaps (and decent tube) by a great surfer, then close out. Most people would be lucky to make one move before it closed out. One can easily travel to thousands of places for a better wave, where no one charges you to paddle out.

    Second, he has the place to himself. Presumably that’s not the case for everyone else, as confirmed by one of those “surf etiquette” signs you can see in one of the shots. That pool will be a nightmare if there’s more than a handful of people out.

    Third and most important, “wave pools” ignore what surfing is all about to most of us. wave pools are fishing in a stocked pond or hunting animals in cages. totally misses the point.

  2. MakingtheDrop says:

    Barry- Am a full-time surf instructor and daily reader of your efforts here & Bloomberg. Appreciate the depth and breadth of topics. Keeps me informed for conversations with executives, VC and tech professional clients, as well as my own attempts at understanding this world. Surfing teaches you to gracefully respond to nature’s mysteries. No fight or flight, full vulnerability in the elements; just deal with what is arising and hopefully ride victorious a time or two enough to make the whole effort worthwhile. Its truly grounds you in the moment, releases you temporarily from the grind of life on land. Ocean waves, market forces… All the same.