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11 Responses to “That Guy Looks Familiar . . .”

  1. rd says:

    If the Catholic Church can elect Pope Francis, maybe there is still hope for Congress and Wall Street.

  2. efrltd says:

    Remember the Pope’s from Argentina, where what little capitalism has atrophied, and a country where politics is still mutated by the fascist Peronist party. Trying to own so much as a private home in much of the world is a monumental task; finding a job and an occupation another monumental task, more often then not because of social barriers and government and union and cartel powers, not because of capitalism. Perhaps he needs some advise on what really brings poverty and backwardness to much of the world. It’s not capitalism, it the lack of capitalism and the rule of law in most of the world. As Christianity teaches, this is an imperfect world and the Pope’s perception is also flawed. So brave soul should stand up, much like Pope John Paul stood, and tell him he’s wrong. John Paul had lived the life surrounded by such flawed systems, and knew the cause. This Pope, as the very world he criticizes, and as many also are flawed, miss the causes. Popes are men, and as such flawed, and beware speaking what they know not.

    • Petey Wheatstraw says:

      Matthew 19:21, (King James Bible):

      Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.

      Matthew 19:24, (King James Bible):

      And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

      You seem to be trying to elevate greed to a virtue.

      What does Christianity teach? Looks like its you vs. Jesus Christ AND the Pope.

      BTW: What brings poverty and backwardness to much of the world is the quest for empire driven by unbridled Capitalism.

    • ilsm says:

      I would also suggest: Luke: 16:19, The Rich Man and Lazarus.

      What is disturbing is the long line of Calvinist Popes who did not address the divine right to the hoard the fat of the land while masses starved. Despite the dereliction of popes, avarice has not become a virtue!

      You could check Old Testament economic dogma to lend your cloak, and not expect interest/rent. Money and need/suffering are not matched.

      Aside from accepting Calvin and Ayn Rand you seem prone to transfer to Pope Francis.

      Would you rather address it the Pope’s way or a Mao’s?

      What Galbraith said about justify greed.

      The greed of the few or the good of the many.

    • MarioKempes78 says:

      Your appreciations are simply wrong. Government in Argentina is not fascist, in fact is progressive, as a colourful example its new minister of economy is being called by the guys in the right a Marxist. Unemployment is 7% now a days but when this country followed IMF receipts back in the 90s was 25%.
      It is a difficult country to understand.

    • LeftCoastIndependent says:

      Agreed, capitalism is the best way to go. But the problem with todays capitalism is so few people are an active participant in it. Urban under 25 minority unemployment rate at 50%, worse in Spain, Greece and Eastern Euro countries, 100 million unemployed through out the middle east. No wonder they are killing each other. It’s time for the 1% to stop hoarding the money, pull it out of tax havens and get the ball rolling. Speaking of which, not that I’m a 1%er, it’s time to get off my lazy ass and go buy another property, fix it up and put a few people to work.

  3. Low Budget Dave says:

    The Pope is not against the free market, he is against the people who have chosen to abuse it.

    It is always amazing to me how many people think that capitalism is somehow spiritually different from other forms of business. It is like saying a chainsaw is spiritually different from a hand-saw.

    The chainsaw is not evil or good. It is simply a tool, like capitalism, and it can be used for good or for evil, depending mostly on who is holding it.