From the Washington Post:

Unemployment has reached multi-year lows in 27 states, a bit of positive news for state labor markets that are still struggling through a mild recovery.


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Source: Washington Post

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9 Responses to “In 27 States, Unemployment At Lowest Levels in 4 Years”

  1. constantnormal says:

    To say that unemployment at the depths of the worst recession since the 1930s was a little worse than where we are today is not a rousing statement about the strength of the current economic recovery … if we had the lowest unemployment in the past 7 years, that would be something quite different … amazing what a difference three years can make …

  2. Jojo says:

    C’mon, everyone knows the unemployment numbers are fake. If we added in the people artificially removed due to being categorized as not looking for work, the unemployed numbers would be much higher.

  3. Barry999 says:

    Still not nearly as interesting as what the employment rate would look like.

  4. Jack says:

    7.533 to 8.767 Who figured out those break points?

  5. nmaier says:

    This is pretty pathetic compared to Singapore which has a 2% unemployment rate and no minimum wage. Plus this data doesn’t count people like my wife who have become so discouraged looking for work without success that they have given up.

  6. czyz99 says:

    Even out here in the sticks things are picking up. My nephew got a nice job with full benefits after 4 years of semi employment, and we were able to finally raise our rents a little. He paid off his credit cards and reduced his student loans by 10%. It was very similar to when I got my degree in ’82 and didn’t get a decent job until ’86. Looks like it’ll be the best year since the blowout.

  7. VennData says:

    The Reagan/Bush/Bush/McConnell/Santorum/Cruz/Boehner/Palin/Issa/Bachmann job recovery is working. so why is the self-proclaimed president doing this?

    Obama Calls Senators to Back Extension on Jobless Benefits–sector.html

    I’ll tell you liberals why! Because he knows how well the impeachment’s going and the shiftless, good-for less-than-nothing is so desperate not to work when he loses his job!

    Drill, Baby, Drill! Stop Obama from stopping the search for energy at home!

    The Reagan/Cruz/Kemp/Santorum/Bush/Reagan/Kemp/McConnell/WSJOpinonPage/Reagan/Palin oil policy is working! Just the way we said it would for the last five years!!!

    Oh and Obama let this happen!

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