The delightful Catherine Mulbrandon, who spoke at the very first Big Picture Conference, shares these interesting ways of conceptualizing income distribution:

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Incomes as a percentage of population
IncomeGuide_2013_Jan17_RGB_page 15_15


Incomes above $50 Million (top 0.01%)
IncomeGuide_2013_Jan17_RGB_page 11_11

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3 Responses to “Visualizing Income Distribution”

  1. James Shannon says:

    … Tax all Net Worth exceeding $10,000,000 at 100% and the corruption of governments will end! Until then we will continue to live in a world manipulated by the few for the Exclusive Benefit of the Ultra High Net Worth Individuals! Clearly our TAX CODE is written to allow the Greedy few to extract wealth created by the labor of modern day wage slaves! Cradel to grave poor and the .01% are hell bent to keep it that way!
    Ignorance is not bliss and Greed is not Good!

  2. 4MYGRANDKIDS says:

    The problem is the lack of income of the 9000 out of 10000. businesses have flatlined income for this group while raising the income of the rest. It would have an immediate effect if the workers share of income was raised. Perhaps tax businesses when the ratio of income of top officers ratio to workers is above a certain level. Those below $75000 spend all of it on living expenses, while those above $200000
    save it which does little to help GDP. When there is more business (spending) corporations hire more workers.