Here are my morning reads:

• 5 Takeaways From the Emerging Market Rout of 2014 (Five Things)
• The World’s Smartest Investors Have Failed (Motley Fool)
• Similarities with 1997 emerging markets crash only go so far (FT) but see It’s like 1997 all over again (Economist)
• Study: A random wolf on Wall Street could calm stock markets (New Scientist)


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10 Responses to “10 AM Tuesday Reads”

  1. hue says:

    The Middle Class Took Off 100 Years Ago … Thanks To Henry Ford? (npr) It’s widely believed that Ford also upped wages to expand his market — paying employees ($5 a day, roughly $120 today) enough to buy the cars they made.

    Google and encryption: why true user privacy is Google’s biggest enemy (Pando Daily) A Running List of What We Know the NSA Can Do. So Far. (WYNC) more than a listicle

    Better Than Ezra: Klein’s (almost) impossible but definitely praiseworthy dream (Salon) The creator of Wonk Blog believes there is an Internet business model for delivering the boring “truth.”
    All the stories I’ve skimmed about Project X don’t mention what metric it will use. Will Klein have to use click bait to generate pageviews? Is there an Internet version of the West Wing, low ratings, but great demographics?

    • willid3 says:

      most of what the NSA can do, business can do, since business is the original keeper of what the NSA is collecting. think they dont?

      • hue says:

        All business can do is sell my data to advertisers. I’m not susceptible to ads. They want to sell me stuff. The gov’t can put me in jail, except I’m not guilty, I swear NSA, she said she was 18 ;)

      • willid3 says:

        well partially true. it used to be that business might be able to put you in jail. and they also could get you killed. but that so last century. none of our business would do that right? just like none of them would collect the data and actually use it for them selves.

  2. willid3 says:

    why economies have issues in general? no investment in their infrastructure? sounds familiar?

  3. 4whatitsworth says:

    Gundlach looks at US dollar / emerging market currency exchange rate to the yield on the 10-year Treasury note and thinks 10 year could fall.