Here is my Friday reading list to finish off your week:

• “The Worst Day of 2014″ (Reformed Broker)
• Emerging currencies dive: ‘Investors are penalizing those countries with more vulnerabilities’ (WSJ), but see Buy the (next) dip in emerging-markets stocks (Yahoo Finance)
• Attack of the killer rentiers (FT Alphaville)
• Remember Commodities? (All Star Charts)

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15 Responses to “10 Friday AM Reads”

  1. Willy2 says:

    “Emerging currencies dive”

    Look at the yield differences between e.g. US, Europe and the EMs. (Keywords: chasing higher yields) and that “play” now goes into reverse.

  2. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    A different spin on laundromats – WashBar. (youtube, runtime about two minutes. click the cc button on the bottom right of the video for English subtitles)

    “WASBAR® is a brand new concept in Ghent, where you can wash your clothes while relaxing with a cold beer or a fresh coffee, and have a delicious bite to eat….”

    • ilsm says:

      In college we used to put the laundry in, walked half a block to the bar and get two beers per cycle!

      In those days it was a dime for 30 minutes on the drier.

  3. rd says:

    Re: Corporations seeing threat from climate change

    This is a primary reason why I think we will see a Rust Belt resurgence over the next 30 years. The factors that drove these areas to prominence in the late 1800s and early 1900s are going to be the drivers of their comeback.

    Plentiful clean water – check
    Good transportation to major markets – check
    Good agricultural land – check
    Large areas not subject to hurricanes and flooding – check
    Moderate temperatures – check
    Access to local non-renewable and renewable energy sources – check
    Good educational institutions – check

    We just need the politicans to understand that they are poised for success if they want to be.

    • willid3 says:

      i could see that plentiful clean water, but its only in some areas. not a whole lot of them

      and large areas are not subject hurricanes. usually that only an east and fulf coast phenomenon. since hurricanes all (not always) tend to move north and west and thats because of the way the Earth revolves. but flooding is a different problem. usually driven by how built up an area is, or by how much water and how big the rivers are.

      they may still have some good agricultural land. but they may also have some badly polluted land thats left over from the early development. which probably never got cleaned up.

      • rd says:

        The polluted land is a small percentage of the area, mainly in urban locations that are prime brownfield candidates.

        Most of the Rust Belt has lots of clean water. That is why the cities are there in the first place. Wastewater treatments and regulations on polluting industries have vastly improved the water quality in the region – many cities have minimal water treatment required to produce drinking water. That is why the West Virginia issues made the news – they were worried about ppb levels instead of rivers catching on fire. The water is not saline, so no energy is needed for desalinization which costs much more than basic pollutant removal.

  4. hue says:

    Mark Cuban: App Neutrality Should be Part of the Net Neutrality Discussion (Blog Maverick)

    A Death in the Database (The New Yorker) 2 Teens Run Wildly Popular Twitter Feed, Build Massive Audience From Nothing (The Atlantic) But there are copyright, piracy issues. The comments are actually interesting.

    The Pay Stinks: The bad news hidden in the unemployment number (Newsweek) Interns Treated To Informative 30-Minute Q&A Session With Totally Miserable Employees (The Onion)

  5. willid3 says:

    did Congress deregulate those who are non profits allowing them to do what they pleased?

    or not?

    or did they just mandate that the IRS not be target political groups? and what of the rules that Congress had written that non profits not be political? since non profits get the privilege to not have to pay taxes at all? and who gets to make up that? You and I do

  6. VennData says:

    What’s the self-off about?

    I’m worried about who Obama’s going to pardon. Everyone imprisoned? To increase his voter roles. What about Kenyans? if he pardons them they get to be citizens right?
    Global Warming? It’s cold out, You liberal idiots!!!
    And Obama is going to make you get high on dope!
    Hillary Clinton will ruin American, again.
    Obama not giving into the GOP demands for more debt limit demands. Why can’t Obama concede?

    “… Congressional Republicans are showing little stomach for another bruising fight over the U.S. debt limit next month, but they do want to extract some concessions in exchange for expanding the Treasury’s borrowing authority…”–sector.html

    The GOP led by Ted Cruz WON the last debt limit debate. It’s time for the GOP to press our bets!

    And the women are coming back in droves!

    Mike Huckabee: Republicans are fighting a war for women!

  7. willid3 says:

    so much for that meritocracy thing

    seems that companies can (and probably do) collude to keep pay low. imagine that.

  8. > I’m worried about who Obama’s going to pardon. Everyone imprisoned?

    Well . . . he could free half the prison population, and we would still have more people behind bars than every other country in the world with the exception of China . . . for what it’s worth.

  9. 873450 says:

    Forget pardons. Obama to mandate drug addiction.

    Fox: Obama to Force All Americans to Buy Pot
    Posted by Andy Borowitz

    NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—President Obama is about to issue an executive order that would force all Americans to purchase a monthly supply of marijuana, the Fox News Channel reported today.
    According to Fox’s Sean Hannity, who broke the story, Obama’s initiative is part of a broader plan to make weed available and affordable to every individual in the United States. Under Obama’s plan, every American would be required to purchase a government-mandated amount of marijuana per month or face a penalty of up to two thousand dollars. Hannity said that the President hopes to have the mandatory marijuana plan up and running by 2015, “but they’re still working on the Web site.”
    Appearing on Fox, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) took issue with Obama’s recent remark that marijuana was no more dangerous than alcohol: “I saw that as an insult.”